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New tax credit claims - no more online facility to request claim form, phone only


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WRAMAS Bristol City Council

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A support worker has drawn to our attention that you can no longer request a new TC claim form online at (new claims for clients who have 3+ kids)..

The automated phone line tells you to go online and do the calculator after which you can reqeust a claim form online, then “you can hang up now” ... but this option no longer appears on or on the calculator, which says “You’ll need to contact HM Revenue & Customs. It can take up to 5 weeks to process a new claim.”

If you call the TCO general number, you need to wait after that message, hear a little bit of silence and then the automated phone line appears to go through to an automated TC phone calculator… which I did not do all the way to the end. Bit of long-winded process! Am guessing it’s becasue the 3+ kids gateway ends so soon.

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Welfare Rights Technical Officer, Low Incomes Tax Reform Group

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I have contacted HMRC via the consultation group for tax credits to ask what exactly the changes are and for any further detail. Will post back if I get a response.