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Sanctions and zero hours contracts


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In a written response to a question on sanctions and universal credit claimants who refuse or voluntarily terminate a zero-hours contract, Minister for Employment Alok Sharma said -

‘Claimants on universal credit who are found to have limited capability for work (LCW) are set work preparation activity: they are not required to carry out work search or undertake work. Should a claimant with LCW take up, and then leave a zero hour contract they would not be subject to sanctions…

… a universal credit claimant who is subject to all work-related requirements can be expected to apply for a zero-hours contract job if it is considered suitable for their individual circumstances. Where there is good reason why a universal credit claimant is unable to take a zero-hours contract job this is taken into account. Sanctions are only applied if no good reason is established. Additionally, sanctions are only applied for leaving a zero-hours contract job voluntarily if no good reason is found.’


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one wonders what they’d say if someone left because they weren’t given any hours….

relatedly, do they pay the full UC if someone is not getting any hours, or do they sanction them some more…..