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Precluding non-working lone parents from extra 15 hours free childcare does not breach human rights



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New High Court judgment - [2018] EWHC 2582 (Admin) - considers whether precluding lone parents who can’t work (in this case carers or victim of DV) from additional 15 hours of free childcare breaches Human Rights as discriminates against lone parents as compared to couples who can qualify even if just one working parent .

Concludes -

The 2016 Act and the Regulations do give rise to differential treatment on the grounds of other status. The defendant has demonstrated that the differential treatment was objectively justified at the time that the Regulations were made. The defendant has also demonstrated that the continuation of that differential treatment, by continuing the Regulations in force, is at present also objectively justified. The provision of 15 hours a week of additional free childcare to children aged three and four year of working parents, as defined by the legislation, does not, at present therefore involve discrimination contrary to Article 14 read with Article 8 ECHR. This claim for judicial review is therefore dismissed.