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SSMG, Temporary Tenancy and UC


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Hi all,

Bit of a hypothetical situation that nearly arose this morning. Don’t think there’s any way around this but looking to start a discussion.

Scenario: Client is living in a temporary tenancy and is pregnant. Come birth of child, she claims UC but due to earnings/income she fails to qualify (standard allowance + child responsibility element only). As she is in a TT, she is receiving Housing Benefit. Client would fail to qualify for a Maternity Grant. Under legacy, she would have qualified for CTC and would have qualified for SSMG. Had client been living in a secure tenancy, her UC claim would be calculated with housing costs element and she would qualify.

Client is missing out on a £500 payment due to being in temporary tenancy, essentially penalising her for being ‘homeless’.

Fortunately, my client this morning has a small entitlement to UC without the housing costs element being included, but it was close enough to make me consider the above scenario and I’m sure this situation would come up.

Any thoughts?