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Appealing without MR notice


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This relates to to a previous post under JSA

Client’s JSA was stopped in November 2017, lodged MR in December 2017, never received a response to MR, complained to MP, received one payment in April 2018 which gave him another few weeks of JSA.

Update on my client’s case: He phoned JCP to ask for a proper decision early in June, he said he was told he would not get one and that the payment made in April was a discretionary payment. He was also told that he would not receive any written MR notice for his MR lodged in December 2017.

Client is adamant he wants to take this further and believes he has evidence to meet labour market conditions (activity log Universal Jobmatch up to when it was closed down in June).

Would there be any point in sending this directly to HMCTS without MR notice, which he will probably never receive. I found this on CPAG  So in theory it should be possible., but I wondered whether in practice this would be a total waste time.

Has anyone had any experience of lodging appeals without MR notice recently?