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Lessons for policy makers from 30 years of welfare reform



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New report on reforming working age social security discusses findings from a roundtable session (convened by the SSAC and Institute for Government) on what lessons can be learnt for future reform from what has worked - and what has not worked so well - in the past.

Edit - for more see the SSAC blog Thirty Years of Welfare Reform

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Owen Stevens
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Welfare Rights Service, Greenwich Council, London

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Interesting to see that the one alternative vision for the benefit system referenced by this document is Hilary Cottam’s ‘Radical Help’ arguing for ‘relational’ welfare:

Hilary Cottam recently gave a talk at the LSE. Audio available here:

Her book was also referenced in a blog by the RSA responding to the NAO’s recent UC report:

It’s an interesting concept, there were some valid criticisms made in the first few questions at the end of the LSE session.

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interesting document.

but whether any of that will be taken on board by anyone who should do so is another matter - especially current government, who really could’t give a flying wotsit

Peter Turville
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“DWP has a track record of successful implementation of reform…”

Err, define success* (Supp Ben to IS/HB, MA/AA to DLA, CSA, IVB to ICB - ICB & IS to ESA + the AWT/PCA/WCA, DLA to PIP, MR, UC?).

* every so often (meaning: frequently) Govt / DWP reach for an envelope.

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