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Full service housing costs or new style JSA?


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I have a client who lives in a mortgaged property.

She has recently stopped work and will be entitled to new-style JSA. No children. We’re in a FS area.

Can she just apply for new-style JSA and JSA3 after 6 months or does she need to claim UC?

I note on the SMI website: You will not be treated as getting Universal Credit if you cannot get it because your income is too high. If her UC is not paid because she has ‘no entitlement’ because she’s getting new-style JSA - how does this work?

Thoughts gratefully received.


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I think that you’re correct that after serving the waiting period, she can apply for the SMI loan payments and carry on with new style JSA claim. The “treated as entitled to” provisions that were inserted into the regs are only for legacy benefits and PC.