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The compulsory MR1 form. Not.


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Yep.  I was just waiting for this to happen. 

Just been told by DWP that a MR must be submitted on an MR1 form, client having already sent in an MR application in a letter.  I told the DWP official that he was talking rubbish and to be fair, having then rung off and asked others he rang me back and agreed I was correct.

What is of concern is how these DWP office myths take on a life of their own and actively mislead people who are not represented and that front line staff are so woefully badly trained.

Brian JB
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The CRMR1 form itself says -

“It is easier to call

You can ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration over the phone. Your claim will be looked at in exactly the same way. It’s much quicker and you can explain why you think the decision is wrong over the phone, without needing to fill anything in. The phone number to call is at the top of your decision letter”

I have told people to quote the MR1 form itself when faced with a refusal to accept MR by phone