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ESA permitted work periods and self-employment


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Hello all,

In practice I have found that DWP accept an average of permitted work earnings and hours if you are self-employed over a year period. 

I have a self-employed entertainer client (recovering from cancer), whose claim for CESA started on 16th May 2017.  She had treatment and did a small job on 3rd June (paid next day) then various small jobs since.

From 16th May 2017 16th May 2018, she will have earned under the permitted work limit (annualized, taking into account the uprating in April 2018).  However she has recently done another small job that is exceptionally well paid and is due to be paid on 3rd June. 

Is anyone familiar with the DWP using annualized permitted work periods and if so, do you know whether the permitted work period begins from the date of claim or from the date you start work, for the purposes of the calculation?