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WRAC lost forever…... Tactics?? closed period


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Apologies if previously discussed : closed period question

Client in WRAG pre April 17 and got £29 component in his benefit

Failed WCA November 17, appealed, and is waiting to get tribunal date

Advised by JC+ adviser to put in new claim for ESA as he reckons he wasn’t fit for work. New claim accepted April 2018, client placed in WRAG again, but no £29 as claim is after last years change.

The way I read it is if he wins tribunal then he is owed £29 a week arrears from nov 17- apr 2018, but nothing more.

Is there any mechanism to put things back the way they were?

Or will he be on £73.10 from now on, even if decision from November was wrong (assuming he wins of course)


Gareth Morgan
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Bit of a panic there as WRAC is Welfare Rights Advisers Cymru.