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Esther McVey’s apperance before the Scottish Social Security Committee



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The minutes of today’s Scottish Social Security Committee session with the Work and Pensions Secretary are out ...

Session was interrupted twice from the public gallery, and is being widely reported ...

Esther McVey: child tax credit ‘rape clause’ is opportunity for victims: The Guardian
McVey calls ‘rape clause’ an ‘opportunity’ for victims: BBC Scotland
Esther McVey sparks outrage after claiming ‘rape clause’ benefits women: Huffington Post

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Really is worth a read. Find out how UC is a world leading exemplar in terms of ‘liberating claimants.’
How UC is the entrepreneurial spur for growth with 65 businesses created each and every single day of the year in Scotland since 2010, ‘and that number will increase under Universal Credit.’ Why UC is a solution to historical debt rather than a cause of debt. Why UC is the humane benefit that will never sanction anybody who has an illness . The role of UC as a surrogate Social Work and Counselling service with a ‘revolutionary’ approach to ‘ensuring that people can get the support that they might not be getting in the family unit.’ How DWP is ‘providing extra help when people have more children whom they could not have planned’, with ‘no invasive or delving questions asked.’  And much, much more…