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wheelchair anomalies?


Billy Durrant
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Interesting decision from judge Poynter

The judgement quotes from the earlier 3 judge panel that “an inability to use a manual wheelchair at home or to store it there due to the physical layout of the home is unlikely to be as important as was suggested in DM and NT.”

However, some info suggests that most wheelchair schemes do not provide adult wheelchairs for people who only need them outside of the home, e.g.

Is this generally right? (I’m aware that it varies locally). And if so, doesn’t that make a bit of a nonsense of this?

“Relative cheapness” also seems a bit out to me -

Cheap on a Judge’s salary I’m sure… but a benefit claimant’s?

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at to cheapness, there was a lengthy and heated BTL discussion on a guardian article last year, many wheelchair users pointing out that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean best for the particular disability, suitable for the individual etc etc etc…