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Severe Disablement Allowance


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Help needed. Client is 75 and on SDA of £86 per week, DLA High rate both. someone claims Carers Allowance for looking after her. Husband was on State Pension of £159 per week. He died 6/1/18. He had two Private Pensions which are now offering lump sums to be commuted from the pensions. Small pension is offering £9k, large pension £16k after tax. When funeral costs etc are paid that would leave a total of £21800 savings approx.

Pension Credit Guarantee has been put into payment at £72 per week, pending those private pensions being paid to client at reduced rate. If she takes the lump sums then on SDA at £86 per week, that would mean assumed interest of £24 per week and still have entitlement to Pension Credit Guarantee and full help with rent and council tax.

Normally (on old pre 2016 April rules), if Mrs is on low pension and Mr dies, then Mrs gets an increase in her pension based on his NI Conts. My problem is that I can find no info anywhere which says whether or not this applies with SDA. As in 5 weeks the Pension Service has done nothing regarding this, it seems not, but if they suddenly say “your state pension is £159” then there would be no PC and no help with rent on £22k savings.

I have looked in CPAG, Disability Rights Handbook and the 2000-2001 edition which it refers you to re changes in SDA, and I can’t find an answer.

So in short (after War and Peace) can you inherit partners’ NIcs to increase SDA and convert it into a State Pension?

Thanks in advance.