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Qualitative study on the impacts of welfare reform on social housing tenants



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Written by one of our very own regular contributors, Sarah Batty, as part of her MA in Social Policy at the University of York. And I have it on very good authority that it got a well-deserved distinction - great job Sarah!

Social Insecurity? Welfare rights and welfare reform - a summary of the full dissertation - is available from the NAWRA website.

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Thanks for posting it Daphne, I wanted to tell the story of the impact of multiple reforms on ordinary people and vulnerable people that many of us in the advice sector are familiar with, and are fighting against in various ways whether it be through case work or policy work.  I especially wanted to highlighting the housing insecurity that arises from deliberately reducing people’s income way below subsistence levels. 

It was very frustrating trying to combine the ‘research process’ which ‘welfare rights knowledge’ as it meant that in placing the stories in the wider context of academic literature, I ran out of space to include all the relevant technical and personal details of people’s stories and experiences of welfare reform cuts and processes. 

Ah well, back to the day job now it’s done!