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simple payments

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Someone contacted us very unhappy about receiving one of these letters Bill and a colleague contacted DWP who have told us the following:

We will be issuing an update to stakeholders shortly. In the meantime, let me give you some assurance. The vouchers do have a maximum value of £100 but you can cash m ore than one at once.

The guidance says:

Providing the customer passes the identification check, they will be able to collect payments by vouchers or via a payment card with vouchers appended to it in multiples of a maximum of £100 per voucher (Example if a customer is due a payment of £250, three vouchers 2 x £100 and 1 x £50 = £250 will be available for encashment) there is no daily limit to the number of vouchers that may be cashed but it will be dependent on the amount of cash available at the PayPoint outlet the customer will be using.  If funds are not available a customer will need to go to an alternative PayPoint outlet


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Have just had an email via stakeholders forum with a letter about the replacement for the simple payment serivce - HM Government Payment Service - attached

DWP is writing to all Simple Payment customers who are actively using their account to tell them that they will be moving to the new service by 20 March 2018. Most customers will continue to receive payment by the same method (SMS text or card). Customers will be issued with a new card where appropriate. Payment will continue to be through PayPoint outlets in the same way as the Simple Payments service.

New customers who are unable to open and/or manage a bank or other account will be paid by the HM Government Payment Service from 1 February 2018. They will be given the option to be paid by text, pdf email containing a voucher or card…

Overall payments will remain the same but will be paid in sums up to £100. For recipients this will mean that if their benefit or pension is over £100 they will receive multiple vouchers requiring separate transactions to collect the money. For example, for those receiving payment by card, to collect a payment of £165 the payment card will need to be used twice, firstly to collect £100 and then again to collect the remaining £65. For those receiving payment via text or email with pdf vouchers they will receive two codes one for £100 and the other for £65. As long as funds at the PayPoint outlet are sufficient this can be done in the same visit.


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