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UC and EEA National who is a former carer


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I have a client that is a French national and came to the UK in 98. He worked for 2 years and in 00 his disabled daughter came to live with him. He claimed IS and CA as she was in receipt of DLA. She is now 25 and in December 016 decided that she no longer wished to claim DLA as a result his CA and IS claimed ended. He lives in local authority hsing, which is in a full digital service area. He has subsequently become the carer of a non- family member and claimed CA and UC. UC refused claim stating client has non R2R under 6(1) or 6(2) of the Immigration EEA Regs 016, which seems to be correct. I was wondering if there are any rules covering a former carer if the cared for person is still alive?

Anyone :0) ?