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A thought about the Jobcentre Offer


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I’m just reading KC & MC about the application of IM outside of the work programme. There’s a lot of talk about using the schedule 2 score to inform what WRA might be reasonable for an individual but I perceive a problem in some cases…

What if a report was curtailed? Someone with physical and mental needs sees a report curtailed with just a physical score then the test as posited by Judge Wright might be in trouble.

Also; I suspect Judge Wright might have had a different view of the IM panel’s knowledge of the JCP offer had he had sight of the witness evidence and submissions; alternative support from JCP is only briefly discussed and no structure or formal programme is suggested.

To be fair; the attack on the Work Programme only started at the hearing and counsel for the SoS was blindsided so the WP or alternatives only really came up in evidence after the hearing.

I’m not sure that anything turns on it but if anyone thinks there’s anything in it give me a shout.