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Bringing NI contributions up to date for the purpose of Contribution Based ESA


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Having asked this question many times over the years since the introduction of ESA, I’ve never actually managed to get either the same, consistent answer or a straight answer from Jobcentre Plus/DWP/Inland Revenue. I therefore made a FOI request only to be told that looking into the reply would exceed the cost limit set to look into this as it would take more than 3 1/2 working days to determine the answer so I thought I’d put it to you knowledgeable folk;
Is it possible for someone who has been found to have gaps in their NI contributions in the 3 years prior to a claim for ESA to bridge that gap themselves and therefore make themselves eligible for contribution based ESA? Would this have to be done prior to the claim for ESA being made or do they still have opportunity to do this once they have claimed?

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