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UC full service - impact on advice services report(s)?


Peter Turville
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Welfare Rights Worker, Oxford Community Work Agency

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I know I have asked this before but time marches on ......... we get full service in the autumn.

Has any organisation(s) published reports about the impact of full service on advice services? For example: general impact on demand for service, claimants access to IT, support with making and maintaining claims, dealing with DWP in absence of implicit consent, impact on vulnerable claimants, budgeting / advances / food bank referrals etc.

Obviously much can be gained from reading Rightsnet, NAWRA etc and housing providers have published quite a lot on the impact from their perspective as landlords. But there doesn’t seem to be anything that ‘pulls together’ the experience of advice agencies from nationals like Citizens Advice down to a local advice centre or those working with specific client groups.

It feels like there is a need for a ‘Prepare your organisation for full service’ guide - what you need to consider and prepare for?

any offers, any funding?

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Information and Advice Resources, Age UK

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I’m currently trying to draft a UC resources guide for Age UK advisers, based on the full digital service and flagging up some potential issues for claimants as well as linking to external resources where available.

It’s probably still a good 2 or 3 months away, as we’ve been overwhelmed for last few weeks getting factsheet updating sorted but hoping to get something out soon and happy to share as and when.