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New child disability element April 2017


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I am struggling to find information on the new child disability element which replaces the current one from April 2017.

Is it to allow a disability element for a third child even though you can’t get the main child element?

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There isn’t a disability element in CTC currently - just the child element payable at 3 rates.

The Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016 created the disability element in primary legislation by amending Section 9 TCA and these regs set out the two rates of that disability element.

And yes, the disability element is paid for all children who qualify with no limit. Similarly the childcare element of WTC.


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Victor - the rates of the new disability element are put into the CTC regs by these uprating regs, so you have to read these, with the 2 child regs, to see the new form of reg 7:

The Tax Credits and Guardian’s Allowance Up-rating etc. Regulations 2017

2017 No. 406