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DLA appeal
Hi all. Just wondered if anyone has encountered a similar situation to the following and has any advice/strategies?.. I am currently advising a cli
frodo10-Jun-10 03:03 PM
by notts advisor
EMP reports
Had occasion to sit in on an EMP visit today. Doctor was very nice and knowledgable about the criteria for DLA. We got talking and I found myself quic
Rosessdc10-Jun-10 02:58 PM
by mpmap
DLA payability of mobility component in nursing/residential home where part NHS funded
Very good decision obtained by my colleague Graham Summers - see CDLA/509/2009. De cision is that where local authority funding is sufficient to mee
Andy Millar09-Jun-10 03:10 PM
by AGodfrey
Transformation Budget
A client today enquired a transformation budget that he has been told he can apply to the LA for based on his DLA award (HRC-LRM) I have a feeling he
roecab309-Jun-10 03:06 PM
by roecab3
aids and adaptions
just wondering if anyone has any advice or had any problems in the following type of situation. Client has mobility and care needs and decision was
stevenm03008-Jun-10 01:02 PM
by Paradoxides
IB85 = No DLA
Hi, I have a case that I am a little worried about and would be grateful for any indications as to if the DWP can act in the way that they have, wh
roecab308-Jun-10 01:01 PM
by roecab3
DLA removal on receipt of GL24
Hi guys. Had a query from a colleague and looking for some help. We've completed GL24's for 3 clients recently to appeal against their awards of DL
adviceshop07-Jun-10 10:22 AM
by John Birks
Domicilliary Hearings
Hi I have just received the TAS 1 form for an appeal I am repping on behalf of my client against an HB/CTB decision. My client is very disabled,
Jro127-May-10 11:24 AM
by Jro1
Hello folks Any opinions/experiences about the following situation would be greatly appreciated: Clie nt was in receipt of ESA until January 201
Jol27-May-10 10:24 AM
by nevip
Case law
I would be very grateful if anyone can supply copies of the following cases for an appeal my colleague is doing. CM/208/1989, CM247/1987, CDLA/1459
ib27-May-10 08:58 AM
by shawn
Widowed and in receipt of ESA
I'd be grateful for some advice on this issue as I'm more accustomed to giving advice to people over pension age. My client is 51 and was separated
Housing2126-May-10 12:42 PM
by Housing21
DLA entitlement for blind adult
Hello beautiful people, I just wanted to pick your brain on this one. What is the most common DLA award for someone who is completely blind but has n
JHC20-May-10 01:55 PM
by SimonMee
severe disability premium
I have a client who lives in a rented house. her son lives upstairs and has his own bathroom, cooking arrangements (a microwave in the sitting room).
mary partridge14-May-10 04:19 PM
by chris orr
Does anyone have a copy of the above decision? Thanks in advance.
nevip28-Apr-10 09:54 AM0316
First time form filling
Good morning! I have recently made the switch from telephone advice to face to face, and have my first appointment to fill in a DLA application for
Kayce26-Apr-10 02:06 PM
by Kayce
Distance Highest Rate DLA Mobility
Hi Everyone reading this... I am wondering if anyone is aware of any caselaw / legislation relating to qualifying conditions for highest rate mobi
Y K23-Apr-10 09:08 AM
by nevip
Sever Disability premium
Hi Woman lives alone terminally ill and in receipt of DLA etc with SDP. She has a grandson who is willing to stay each night to watch over her. He
higginsa22-Apr-10 12:18 PM
by pete c
DLA renewal forms expired
Hi All, Can anyone tell me - If a client fails to return their DLA “renewal form’s” by the deadline date can the DBC refused them as expired and re
Cookie22-Apr-10 12:15 PM
by pete c
effect on benefits of successful appeal re NHS continuing care
I have a client who has been self-funding in a nursing home for 12 months and quite properly receiving Attendance Allowance all the while. The c
liz20-Apr-10 02:06 PM
by PeteD
uncontrolled type 1 diabetes - cases
severe peripheral neuropathy, permanent pain on walking; regular hypos/hypers; kidney problems; glaucoma; very supportive medical evidence. anyone
clairehodgson19-Apr-10 07:45 PM
by clairehodgson
How long a stop within 50 metres is unreasonable?
I have an appeal hearing soon and would like some advice on how long a stop during 50 metres is reasonable. The EMP report states likely distance cli
Carole L13-Apr-10 02:45 PM
by nevip
claimants whose 16th birthday comes while they are in a hospital or similar institution
Can anyone enlighten me about what happens if the claimants 16th birthday comes while they are in hospital, does the DLA stop 84 days after the admiss
pete c13-Apr-10 07:57 AM
by pete c
Disabled facilities grant and War Widows pension
I am trying to find out if a War Widows pension should be counted as income for a disabled facilities grant. Although the person does not receive
Nicola Wallace08-Apr-10 02:37 PM
by Nicola Wallace
Carer's Premium, Severe Disability Premium & Working Tax Credit with Direct Payments
I was just about to close this case when one of the clients came up with this little curveball... 2 clients: 65 year old lady on HRM & HRC DLA and
feelthebenefits01-Apr-10 03:11 PM
by Nicolette
DLA - two appeals, set aside and second claim
Hi - client applied for DLA in Sept 2008 and we were unsuccessful at Appeal in May 2009. The Upper Tribunal has agreed error in law and set aside the
Liz_Wilson01-Apr-10 02:48 PM
by Liz_Wilson
We have had two of these in a row, and niether client is what you might call happy bunnies, and we don't feel too good about these cases either.
mike shermer01-Apr-10 02:14 PM
by Liz_Wilson
Special Rules - client on liver transplant list
Hi. I am helping a client who is suffering with Cirrhosis of liver due to a combination of autoimmune hepititis and Hep C. She has been assessed and p
Y K01-Apr-10 12:43 PM
by Tony Bowman
DLA and reason codes
Hello all Saw a post a few months ago explaining DLA reason codes, but don't seem to be able to find it now I need the info. Could someone possib
mpmap31-Mar-10 03:32 PM
by nevip
'At your own speed'
When ENT1s state that various aspects of personal care can be achieved 'safely' 'at your own speed', is this phrase defined somewhere in case law or g
KenG23-Mar-10 01:06 PM
by p.e.t.e
'Extreme' behaviour for HRM on SMI grounds
Does anyone have link to the full text of CDLA/2054/1998 or any other decisions that give any authorative view of the term 'extreme' . I've got R(DLA)
pete c22-Mar-10 07:50 AM
by pete c