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Three Crisis Loans?
I have a client who came to the UK as an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe. He's been granted indefinite leave to remain and although it took a bit of time
Kayce10-Jun-10 07:50 AM
by shawn
c.b for a dependant child living in poland ...
top of the week to all and a cheery howdo to boot ! have a cl. who came to uk from poland may 2008. he has a 10 year old daughter living in polan
Sayo07-Jun-10 10:57 AM0128
Personal Budgets
does anyone have any information regarding a trial of personal budgets for children. this is in connection with social care
Lin28-May-10 10:48 AM
by Jane80
IIDB due to employer supplied footwear ??
Bit of an awkward one so would like some idea of what others think. My client is Lativian whose English is not too good (although he came in with a
suelees30-Apr-10 07:49 PM
by clairehodgson
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
I'm helping a client with an appeal against refusal of IIDB. He had several lifting accidents at work over a period of 3 years. The 2010/2011 CPAG h
BrianSmith29-Apr-10 11:14 AM
by BrianSmith
Refusal to reduce BL repayments
My client's BL is being recovered at £10.10 pw. I have asked for it to be reduced on grounds of hardship but they are refusing as they say there is no
suelees16-Apr-10 11:20 AM
by suelees
Community care Grant time limits
Afternoon all I can't shake off the idea that my client will have to wait six months before she can reapply for an item previously refused (she didn'
dannorris12-Apr-10 03:21 PM
by dannorris
Carer's Premium, Severe Disability Premium & Working Tax Credit with Direct Payments
I was just about to close this case when one of the clients came up with this little curveball... 2 clients: 65 year old lady on HRM & HRC DLA and
feelthebenefits06-Apr-10 10:56 AM
by ros.white
Lone parent obligations
This from JCP on the issue of lone parents and benefits: All, Lone Parent Obligations I am writing to let you know about recent amendments t
Casework team17-Mar-10 12:14 PM
by ros.white
New CSA rules
Hi guys I just need a brief summary of the new rules to Child Support Maintentance. I'v e got a client coming in and he has been assessed under
pip0111-Mar-10 08:11 AM
by pip01
JSA and appointees
A client with autism has just been found fit for work at an ESA tribunal(don't ask). The DWP appointed his mother to act on his behalf for benefit pur
Rob_Price01-Mar-10 10:26 AM
by PColeman
Scrapping of adult dependant increases - last date to claim?
It's my understanding that from 6th April 2010 it will not be possible to make a new claim for an adult dependant's increase with Carer's Allowance, s
Derek S24-Feb-10 12:56 PM
by rspence
Carers Allowance
I have a client who is in reciept of SRP of £56pw and is being paid £3 CA. As a result of actually being paid the CA her daughter who she cares for
Susan E Wood19-Feb-10 03:14 PM
by Susan E Wood
widows benefit / SRP
I have a 62 year old widow in receipt of a widows pension. She continued to work past her 60th birthday and deferred her SRP. She has now stopped work
jryan11-Feb-10 07:17 PM
by Ruth_T
Bereavement Benefits
My client lost her husband and claimed BB. She only receives £55.25 per week. As I understand it she cannot claim IS to top up and her only options ar
jryan11-Feb-10 07:14 AM0278
Lone parent run on
This was a two week extended payment of IS for lone parents going into paid work. Can anyone remember when it started (was it 1999?) and when it
Neil Bateman10-Feb-10 12:15 PM
by matherj
DWP guidance to LAs on right to reside
(edited to shorten link) I would take issue with some of this guidance. See the rightsnet news story here: [a href="http://www.rig htsnet.org.uk/cgi
Martin Williams09-Feb-10 10:56 AM0355
Carers Allowance
I have a client with a learning disabilitiy who agreed to their relative putting in a claim for CA. They signed the CA form declaring that they under
erin9708-Feb-10 05:41 PM
by clairehodgson
Health in Pregnancy Grant and premature births
HiPG regs require a claim after 24th week of pregnancy and before baby is born. However for premature births these rules cannot be met and HiPG is ref
Peter Turville03-Feb-10 10:16 AM0243
Carers Allowance - expenses
Have a client who has an appeal shortly for a Carers Allowance overpayment due to exceeding the earnings limit, in the disability rights handbook is d
Reg R01-Feb-10 08:51 PM
by clairehodgson
Carers Allowance benefit week
Can anybody confirm that a benefit week for CA runs Monday to Sunday please? Specifically, cared for person died 23/12/09 so is last date of CA entitl
BrianSmith21-Jan-10 06:43 PM
by Ruth_T
Another Cold Weather Payment Query
Iíve come across a potential consequence of the removal of the Disability Premium for people getting Income Based Employment and Support Allowance wit
benefit_advisor14-Jan-10 12:28 PM0402
Cold Weather Payments and ESA
I have just been chasing a Cold Weather Payment for a client of mine who is in receipt of Income Related ESA in the main phase. According to all the g
miket13-Jan-10 01:09 PM
by p.e.t.e
Danish 'Premature Disability Pension'
Hi All, I have a client who has come to live in the UK with his wife and family. They formerly lived and worked in Denmark. He suffers with Schizophr
YasM08-Jan-10 11:36 AM
by Dan_manville
DWP information on cold weather payments
The DWP has asked us to publicise the attached document giving background information on cold weather payments, answering FAQs and giving a link to th
ros.white07-Jan-10 02:41 PM0526
polish and afghanistani couple ...
seasonal greetings all ! :) have a cl. who is polish and : came to uk 10/04 and has a residence card issued 11/02/08. her husband is afghanistani
Sayo23-Dec-09 01:01 PM
by Dan_manville
Social Fund
Help please - Just been asked by a mental health support worker - their client applied for a budgeting loan, it was awarded but when payment didn't ar
ruthch14-Dec-09 08:49 AM
by Euan_Henderson
Child Benefit - Child in spain - Parent in UK
Parents returned to UK after many years in Spain. Child still in Spain to complete her secondary education, another 6 months, and staying in lodgings.
johnwilson09-Dec-09 09:50 AM
by johnwilson
Daily Mail article
I don't know where to stick this post so I'll try here. It is a very distressing and well know to us issue of a benefit gap for heavily pregnant non U
Joanna03-Dec-09 02:34 PM0751
A 8 National & benefit entitlement
Hello everyone (especially them that are able to help ;- 0) I'm due to see a client tomorrow who is a Polish National. She has been in the UK for j
starkey03-Dec-09 02:19 PM0364