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Derek S

Welfare Rights Worker, Contact a Family, Glasgow
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16th Sep 2005

ILF to be restricted to those in work?
Thu 25-Mar-10 02:10 PM

Just saw a press release on the ILF website that appears to suggest that from May 2010 they will only be accepting new applications from people who are working 16 hours a week or more. This press release does suggest that they will also consult with LAs in coming months to identify other 'priority groups'. See http://tinyurl.com/yaech6v

Has anyone heard anything about this. It seems an extremely worrying development and one that seems to undermine the whole idea of moving towards individual budgets for disabled people.



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pete c

Welfare Rights Officer, Adult Social Care, Cornwall County Council, Truro
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30th Oct 2008

RE: ILF to be restricted to those in work?
Fri 26-Mar-10 11:25 AM

Coincidentally I spoke to a colleague from our ILF team this morning who told me about these changes.

It seems that only a very small number of our current ILF service users would get onto the scheme if they were applying under the new rules and I would agree with the general point that this can only undermine the notion of peole taking control of their own care provision.




Welfare rights officer, northumberland nhs care trust
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06th Oct 2004

RE: ILF to be restricted to those in work?
Tue 06-Apr-10 12:08 PM

Could this in some way be linked to the Government's promise to provide "free personal care at home for the most needy?" Perhaps I'm just getting too old and cynical, but I've always suspected that the mechanism for delivering this promise would simply replace ILF or NHS continuing health care funding at home in many cases, with few (if any) extra people benefitting and little (or no) new money.



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