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new rightsnet launching next week ....
hi - next week we're launching a brand new version of rightsnet that will include, for the first time, daily updates in other key areas of social
shawn07-Jun-10 10:33 AM0293
no recourse to public funds and maternity allowance (m.a) ...
... and there lyeth the query ... cl. does not qualify for s.m.p but from what i've read m.a is not a public fund either so can my cl. claim m.a ?
Sayo09-Jun-10 11:25 AM
by Sayo
'breakdown of welfare spending: what to cut?'
here's a link to Guardian article which lists the expenditure figures for all benefits - [a href="http://www.gua rdian.co.uk/news/dat ablog/2010/jun/02
ros.white02-Jun-10 12:23 PM0302
Serious concerns over Reed Advice
I wanted to raise concerns over advice given to one of my clients at her ESA work focused interview. She suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia and
Sam Warburton02-Jun-10 10:57 AM
by jj
new high court child support judgment
attached is a link to a recent high court judgment - Child Maintenance Enforcement
ros.white01-Jun-10 12:45 PM0109
welfare rights advice in Belgium
Can anyone tell me if there is something equivelant to welfare rights or CAB in Belgium and if so how to make contact.
loliver27-May-10 03:28 PM
by loliver
ESA claim by phone ended by operator clocking off!
Hi has anyone come accross this situation before? I tried to make a telelphone claim for ESA with my clients (a couple) so advised this would require
ramsfan25-May-10 09:29 AM
by johnny
'a battlefield or a field of dreams'?
attached link to guardian article looking at what's in store for public services under the new government, including how the welfare agenda might take
ros.white19-May-10 12:44 PM0292
new court of appeal child support judgment
whilst not routinely publishing child support court judgments to the news area ... here's a link to a recent case that may be of interest ... [a hr
ros.white06-May-10 02:31 PM0344
Bereavement Benefit refused for lack of NINO
I just saw a client who is without NINO and without leave to remain. She was widowed in 2009 and tried to apply for Bereavement Benefit and a NINO (s
AMuller28-Apr-10 08:51 PM
by clairehodgson
Directgov downtime
DWP advise that 2 Directgov services - the Benefits Adviser Service; and Jobseeker’s Allowance Online - will not be available from 20:00 on Friday 30
shawn27-Apr-10 11:30 AM0202
NINO for A2 National refused????
Hi all, I need some urgent help in this case. Client is Bulgarian national came in UK 8months ago. Found work as self-employed and made an applicatio
Antonina26-Apr-10 09:58 AM0184
ECJ case on whether person who works 5.5 hours per week is a worker
Attached link to case where ECJ considers whether someone who worked for 5.5 hours per week is a 'worker'. Although case concerns Turkish Association
ros.white22-Apr-10 10:05 AM
by Steve Johnson
Budgeting Loans Baseline figure
Hi All How can I find out what the "Baseline figure" currently is? ( I'm delivering some training on the Social Fund- helpful to show how the maximu
linusm22-Apr-10 08:45 AM
by linusm
DWP 0800 numbers - just how free?
One of our clients this week came in with a problem - he had rung DWP on an 0800 number on his mobile, on one of the networks they negotiated free cal
ariadne219-Apr-10 02:16 PM
by ariadne2
Benefit helplines...
In a debate elsewhere on't interweb I am told that a DWP funded helpline has shut down but I've not heard of it. Has anyone any idea which one?
Dan_manville17-Apr-10 08:00 PM0264
new child support judgment
whilst not routinely publishing child support court judgments to the news area ... here's a link to a recent case that may be of interest ... [a hr
shawn06-Apr-10 11:41 AM0328
New rightsnet benefit rates posters now available
Following last week's budget, we're now finalising our 2010/2011
shawn01-Apr-10 10:21 AM
by ros.white
Fit note explanation (Useful info)
As we all know, on 6 April 2010 the familiar ‘sick note’ that GPs supply to employees will be abolished. It will be replaced with the new ‘fit note’
Casework team29-Mar-10 11:22 AM0542
Support for Mortgage Interest- joint owners aren't a couple
Hello, I've had a query from someone who is joint owner of a property with his brother (joint owners not tenants in common). He is in the proces
murphs26-Mar-10 05:51 PM
by ariadne2
How many benefits are there?
Hi, How many welfare benefits/ payments etc are there available for people to claim? (leaving nothing out!) I do not want to go through my handbo
efloyd25-Mar-10 03:22 PM
by Gareth Morgan
Missing payment by direct transfer
Can anyone advise if the JCP have an obligation to reissue a missing payment that has been lost in the Banking system? The circumstances are as follow
hardman4city25-Mar-10 02:58 PM0212
Charges applicable whilst in Hospital
Hello everyone. When a person is admitted into hospital for a period or periods, do the charges s/he usually has to meet for the supported accommodat
Patrick Hill25-Mar-10 11:11 AM
by murphs
Authorisation to act on behalf of DWP customers
I have just received the following request from Job Centre Plus. " I understand that you/ your organisation regularly act on behalf of DWP customer
steve_h25-Mar-10 07:30 AM
by 1964
Health in pregnancy grant appeal
Client tried to claim Health in Pregnancy Grant several times when pregnant, and within the prescribed time period. Each time the health worker said t
Steve Johnson23-Mar-10 08:31 PM0246
Benefit repayments must improve significantly
From the BBC news website today, http://new s.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_ politics/8571361.stm
steve_h17-Mar-10 01:21 PM
by steve_h
reporting changes of circs - positive changes - discussion
What are your views (and hence your advice to clients) about NOT reporting changes in circumstances that may INCREASE entitlment to benefit. For examp
Tony Bowman16-Mar-10 09:17 PM
by clairehodgson
new child support high court judgment
whilst not routinely publishing child support court judgments to the news area ... here's a link to a recent case that may be of interest ... [a hr
shawn15-Mar-10 08:02 AM0281
Capital disregards
Hi All Help please Client is 64years and is selling her home with intent to buy another. CPAG Handbook (p941, 4th bullet point), states that for
linusm12-Mar-10 02:25 PM
by michaeldwpdma
right to reside
Hello folks I have a case which is causing me some trouble. My client is a british citizen and his partner is an EEA national (she has only been ov
Jol12-Mar-10 01:23 PM
by Jol