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Advice Pro - what do you think?
Thu 04-Dec-08 10:50 AM

Probably a bit off topic, but here goes anyway. Does anyone out there use Advice Pro? What do you think of it? We've just started using it (about a month ago) and find it slow - often excessively so - convoluted and cumbersome. Many here consider it unsuitable for benefit advice work because of the way of recording and viewing narrative - it's impossible to get an understanding of what a case involves, and what the latest progress is, at a glance - it takes many clicks to open a case and navigate to notes - and even then you can only see six lines of text at a time. This aspect is probably fine for debt work where narrative is mostly unnecessary. Many here have a long list of other frustrations/concerns/niggles It was sold to us as a time saver - but experince is the opposite.



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RE: Advice Pro - what do you think?
Thu 04-Dec-08 10:54 AM

lasa's AIMS case management contact database is available as a free download ...

... for more info see http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=112&topic_id=1140



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