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Looked after children
Where children are looked after by the local authority but are going home for regular stays to see how things go with a view to moving back home, pare
Derbyshire10-Jun-10 04:02 PM
by Derbyshire
30 hour plus
i have a client whos hours fluxuate some weeks 22 other 36 hours but last year on average worked 31.5 hours - is their any scope for 30 + element to
philly27-May-10 12:54 PM
by philly
Tax Credits: Remunerative work issue
Hello My client received WTC for two years. He worked 30h per week as self-employed but his business did not make much profits. Now HMRC says that
giuseppina26-May-10 02:47 PM
by shawn
Tax Credits -Modus operandi
Has anyone else come across the following- call to TC would not discuss case with rep as authorisation not registetred. Afte r some discussion and a
derbyadvic26-May-10 12:25 PM0133
Specialist Investigation Team?
I have a client who has been waiting over 6 weeks for his CTC following his separation from his former partner. They each have care of one of their ch
Ste_Higham25-May-10 07:15 AM
by Josh
Security questions
Has anyone come across this before? Client submitted TC claim after baby born. (Single parent; first child; not previously on TCs). Contacted by
Derek24-May-10 12:18 PM
by Tony Bowman
WTC entitlement when clt resigns and moves from SSP to ESA
Hi – can I have an opinion on WTC entitlement when someone in receipt of SSP resigns their job and is then paid ESA? My client started getting SSP
Don C13-May-10 01:18 PM
by Don C
Young people query
She is 16, he 17 and she had a baby a few days ago. Both are at college in relevant education and expect to be for the next 2 years. No one has any he
Damian10-May-10 03:14 PM0215
tax credit finalisation deadline
Can anyone cast more light on the change from 31st July as the deadline to respond to tax credit notices - it is now the date specified on the notice,
rachelh10-May-10 10:56 AM0209
Childcare vouchers
LITRG continues to see people who have swapped salary for childcare vouchers when they should not have done. We think HMRC could do a lot more to m
JohnA29-Apr-10 08:07 PM
by JohnA
more TCO unlawfulness
I spoke to a manage at TCO today regarding my client who was denied the opportunity to claim tax credits. I was told that new(ish) guidance means t
Tony Bowman28-Apr-10 01:39 PM
by jj
I understand that either an EAT award or a compromise agreement, ie a settlement negotiated before the hearing, would be liable for income tax at the
BrianSmith28-Apr-10 07:51 AM0163
Disability and severe disability elements CTC - still paid if child is at boarding school?
I have a client with a child who has been given a place at a residential school for autistic children. Carers Allowance and DLA for the child will st
nickyswllc23-Apr-10 12:15 PM
by Derek S
IS and migration to CTC
I have a client who is in receipt of Income support with the child premiums i.e. her claim has not been migrated to Child Tax Credit as yet. Client ha
roecab323-Apr-10 08:22 AM0150
NINO requirement and partner subject to immigration control
From 06/04/09, paragraph 8 was inserted into regulation 5 TC (C&N) Regs (SI No. 2009/697). Paragr aph 8 exempts a partner from the NINO requirments
Tony Bowman19-Apr-10 01:20 PM
by pclc
Partner 16 and at school
I've been posed a problem by our childrens' services: Client is 16, primary carer, parent, died last year. Other parent presents risk to her, so estra
Rob_Price09-Apr-10 01:27 PM
by Rob_Price
Tax Credits IT unavailability
HMRC tell me: The tax credits computer system is likely to be unavailable due to planned routine system upgrades from 13.00pm Friday 2nd to Tuesday
JohnA25-Mar-10 11:47 AM0321
Working Tax Credit and Disability Element
I have a client who we helped claim WTC with the disability element for 2008/2009 which was the only thing that made her eligible. She has now complet
Michyblue23-Mar-10 02:44 PM
by bensup
Information requirements and backdating.
I've just seen a case where client makes a claim for TCs having been granted ILR in UK, HMRC ask for original passports, but client sends copies certi
Dan_manville23-Mar-10 02:39 PM0215
Working Tax Credit v income based Jobseekers Allowance
I’m in a muddle…. Couple with 2 kids. He was working 40 hrs pw self-employed and she works 16 – earns approx £90pw. They receive CTC and WTC. He
Don C19-Mar-10 09:54 AM
by Don C
HMRC notifications to DWP offices
Does anyone know whether or not there is a system in place for TCO to routinely notify DWP Benefit Delivery Centres when someone is awarded WTC? A
Neil Bateman18-Mar-10 12:28 PM
by clamar
Humphreys v HMRC
Remember this? Substantial minority shared care? The UT website tells us that, leave having been granted in March, "float on 1 or 2 December" What
Dan_manville12-Mar-10 09:37 AM
by Derbyshire
R2R for A8 national with EEA residence permit 'that was wrongly' issued
claimant Polish, in UK since 26.9.05 partner Algerian, in UK since 12.12.08 worked from 29.9.05 to 3.10.06 for employer 1, registered this on 5
AMuller10-Mar-10 03:01 PM
by Damian
CHB & CTC - Children not present in UK
Hi All, Happy Friday…I have seen a client this morning he is Polish and working in the UK. His Wife also works, however, his wife and children are
Cookie10-Mar-10 08:58 AM
by victoriatodd
Technical overpayments - rule change?
CPAG's WRB 211 had an article that dealt with overpayments arising when a partner left or joined the household. I'm sure i read somewhere that the law
paulmack01-Mar-10 03:53 PM
by victoriatodd
Yet another ridiculous overpayment! Help needed!
I disputed an o/p of tax credits in October 09 and have just received their response. My client failed her R2R for JSA in Nov 08 but we appealed & th
joannah26-Feb-10 04:02 PM0288
HMRC mislead employers on tax credits
new from the LITRG .... 'HMRC are tasked with increasing the take-up of tax credits. While many do take them up, HMRC use such misleadi
shawn19-Feb-10 01:48 PM0251
Award started six years later?
Has anyone else come across this ridiculous situation. Client in receipt of IB for past 3 years. Ended employment after long period of sickness. No
Carole L17-Feb-10 08:37 AM
by Derbyshire
Single parent not entitled to TCs...?
(Edited to fix link) Hi All, Following my previous post about this client: http://ww w.rightsnet.org.uk/d c/dcboard.php?az=sho w_topic&forum=102
pipkin10-Feb-10 02:36 PM
by SimonMee
Ex Gratia/Compensation Payment
The local Authority is making ex gratia/compensation payments of £20,000 to former residents of a childrens home which was closed down following inves
johnwilson05-Feb-10 02:22 PM
by johnwilson