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Deprivation of capital for Housing Benefit decision but on a passporting benefit
Hi, I have a query which seems quite logical but have been unable to find any guidance or legislation to back it up. Client's partner received
eagaclarke08-Jun-10 09:05 PM
by stainsby
Whose money is this?
Hello All, I have been successful in getting a man with severe mental illness a refund of 20k+ from the local partnership trust. The money was pai
murphs08-Jun-10 09:13 AM
by murphs
Beneficial ownership of capital
Hi, I would appreciate comments on how much of a hopeless case this is! Client (pensioner) cares for and lives with adult learning disabled da
Jane8007-Jun-10 03:46 PM
by PeteD
Proof of child benefit for children to be included HB claim
Nottingham City Council seem to be insisting on proof of either Child Tax Credit or Child Benefit before they will include children on a claim for LHA
notts advisor04-Jun-10 11:55 AM
by Tony Bowman
Housing Benefit & Tax credits - Regulations
1. I think I am right in believing that only the amount of tax credits actually paid can be taken into account in calculating entitlement to HB, but
Derek01-Jun-10 04:00 PM
by Derek
Students and Housing bnefit
Hi I have a disabled student who is in receipt of IB and DLA. She has been inreceipt of Housing bnefit but now Housing Fraud have said she is overpa
higginsa27-May-10 01:27 PM
by Joanna
CH2554/2002 and CH/4918/2003 - landlords argument
We have an OP of HB caused by official error and the LA are using the above caselaw to argue recoverability. I t seems that the three tests applied
jryan27-May-10 01:25 PM
by Neil Bateman
Exempt accommodation
Morning all, I know there are commissioners decisions out there which explored the definition of exempt accommodation and also looked at the level
johnrob27-May-10 12:36 PM
by shawn
Housing Benefit overpayment
I am helping a client with Housing Benefit overpayment. He was self employed, and used HMRC's 0.40 per mile for car expenses rather than apportionin
Clarefran20-May-10 07:48 PM
by Kevin D
HB Overpayment
I have a client who was overpaiad HB due to failing to provide information when requested and subsequent cancellation of benefit. They later successfu
Ste_Higham20-May-10 04:14 PM
by Kevin D
Non-Commercial Tenancy- case law...
Hello Everyone, I am trying to help a lady who is the sister of someone with severe mental health problems. She owns a property (which used to be h
murphs20-May-10 09:11 AM
by Kevin D
salary deductions for council tax arrears
hello, I have a feeling I may be in the wrong forum for this question however I started so I'll finish. Council Tax Arrears - Local authority de
Y K18-May-10 12:53 PM
by nevip
CTB overpayment - help needed
Hi there I have requested a review of a CTB decision quoting HB Regulations 2006, No. 214, reg 27 (para 7&8) but now the Council has written back s
joannah17-May-10 03:46 PM
by joannah
Reg 76 - hostel backdating
Hi all Claimant living in a hostel had an existing HB claim, which was suspended in February after DWP discovered additional income & bank accounts
Lostdog12-May-10 05:10 PM
by stainsby
Reg 101 - reclaiming overpayment from landlord
Hi all LA issued HB invoice to landlord at the end of March. Overpayment due to non-disclosure of information by claimant. Claimant reapplied for
Lostdog12-May-10 04:54 PM
by stainsby
misinformation by HB dept caused client to make a late claim
Our client was made redundant some months ago, but didn't send off his claim for housing benefit because the claim form says claimants must produce an
toxteth12-May-10 03:46 PM
by stainsby
Housing Benefit overpayment
My question relates to HB Reg 95, and treatment of rent arrears when an overpayment recovery is made. Cases in question are rent allowance cases. H
matherj10-May-10 02:13 PM
by stainsby
Hammersmith and Fulham Billing Authority v Butler (2001?) or (2000?)
Not exactly housing benefit, but does anyone have a copy of this case they can let me have?
stainsby07-May-10 09:04 AM
by stainsby
Meaning of prisoner on remand
I think this may be a long shot but hey, life as a welf would be dull without them... Potential client (I have not seen him yet) was claiming HB fo
notts advisor06-May-10 12:01 PM
by Neil Bateman
Local Housing Allowance- Room rate
Hello, If a single adult lives in a 2bed-roomed property because one of their children lives with them during all the school holidays and some week
murphs05-May-10 06:49 AM
by sanwyp
HB paid to wrong payee
Hi, Am looking at a case where HB was being paid directly to the landlord as tenant was more than 8 weeks in arrears. All of a sudden, payment t
johnrob04-May-10 02:19 PM
by johnrob
Is a payment made in error an overpayment of housing benefit?
I work for an RSL and deal with decisions from LA's on recovery of HB overpaid to us as landlord. In this case the tnt's HB (which is paid to us) i
Don C04-May-10 11:41 AM
by stainsby
Delay of HB decisions where caliamnt asserts Bambuast rights
edited to shorten link [a href="http://www.rig htsnet.org.uk/cgi-bi n/sub_client/search. cgi?template2=news/u ser_details2.html&ou tput_number=1&sort=n e
Richard Stacey04-May-10 11:38 AM0254
HB in payment, CTB not in payment
How do your LAs deal with a change of circumstances when a claimant who is only in receipt of HB has a change of income that then brings them into CTB
jryan04-May-10 08:45 AM
by jryan
council tax overpayment recovery
I'm assisting a client with an appeal regarding an overpayment of CTB. The council are pursuing enforcement action for the 'arrears' even though an
Tony Bowman30-Apr-10 12:38 PM
by Tony Bowman
HB/CTB Overpayment - Rent arrears
Hi All, I have a new client and need to do some prep before I meet her; 20yrs, lone parent of 2, separated, victim of domestic violence, in receipt o
alteredchaos29-Apr-10 08:08 PM
by alteredchaos
LA refunded monies to service user - now large overpayment
Aftercare Services refunded a large sum to one of their s.117 service users which exceeded the upper capital limit. It's caused a large overpayment b
suelees28-Apr-10 10:43 PM
by jj
Hi guys Anyone got an electronic copy of the above commissioners decison they could send me? Cheers
pip0127-Apr-10 03:25 PM
by pip01
non-dependant deduction
| have an elderly client who is in receipt of Guarantee pension credit who cares for her son who lives with her. he recieves SDA and DLA: high rate bo
mary partridge26-Apr-10 02:53 PM
by mary partridge
asylum seeker, 28 day grace period after possative decision
We had a family who were living in NASS supported accommodation. They were granted ILR and given the NASS 35 document stating the 28 day grace period
nick nicolson22-Apr-10 02:49 PM0170