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15 May, 2020 Open access

Third of UK workforce are in ‘key worker’ occupations for purposes of accessing childcare during coronavirus lockdown

New ONS analysis also shows that 15 per cent of 'key workers' are at moderate risk from coronavirus because of health condition

A third of the UK workforce are in coronavirus (COVID-19) 'key worker' occupations and industries, according to new Office for National Statistics (ONS) analysis.

In 'Coronavirus and key workers in the UK', published today, the ONS analyses 2019 data and sets out estimates of the numbers and characteristics of those who could be considered as potential 'key workers' for the purposes of UK government guidance on workers who can access schools or educational settings during the coronavirus lockdown.

Key findings of the ONS analysis include that in 2019 -

The ONS statistical release Coronavirus and key workers in the UK is available from