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6 April, 2011

1 April, 2011

Flexible Working (Eligibility, Complaints and Remedies) (Amendment) (Revocation) Regulations 2011

New regulations that revoke rules that were due to come into force on 6 April 2011 that would have extended the right to flexible working to parents of 17 year old children

1 April, 2011

Sex Discrimination Order 1976 (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2011

New regulations that give full effect in Northern Ireland to Articles 2(1)(b) (indirect discrimination) and 17(1) (defence of rights) of Council Directive 2006/54/EC, for example to make clear that provisions cover both persons who are put at a disadvantage by a discriminatory provision and those who would be put at such a disadvantage.

1 April, 2011

Employment Equality (Repeal of Retirement Age Provisions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2011

New regulations in Northern Ireland that revoke and amend existing provisions that except certain dismissals made on the basis of retirement from constituting direct age discrimination and unfair dismissal.

31 March, 2011

Employment Law Update

Issue 99 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

25 March, 2011

Amendment to Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 commencement provisions

New regulations that amend the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 by revoking the commencement of section 40 and Schedule 1 in relation to small employers and their employees.

25 March, 2011

Equality Act 2010 Code of Practice Regulations

New regulations that bring into force the Equality Act 2010 codes of practice for services, public functions and associations, employment, and equal pay.

25 March, 2011

Equality Act 2010 (Specification of Public Authorities) (Scotland) Order 2011

New regulations that amend the list of public authorities in Part 3 of Schedule 19 to the Equality Act 2010 which are subject to the public sector equality duty in section 149 of the Act.

24 March, 2011

Government to invite Low Pay Commission to consider two-year NMW recommendations

Giving businesses clarity on future levels of the National Minimum Wage would reduce risks for employers, enabling them to take on staff with greater confidence, according to new 'Plan for Growth'.

24 March, 2011

Employment and tax rights and responsibilities of those using and receiving Direct Payments

In new 'Plan for Growth', government says that it will 'strip out' regulations that were never meant for the social care market.

24 March, 2011

Government to remove Equality Act duty on employers to prevent harassment of staff by 3rd parties

Requirement is 'unworkable', government says as it sets out radical reforms in areas that act as barriers to enterprise.

24 March, 2011

Government scraps plans to extend the right to request time to train to smaller employers

Published alongside Budget 2011, the government's 'Plan for Growth' sets out a series of measures designed to minimise the regulatory burden on businesses.

24 March, 2011

Budget undermines Equality Act by delaying dual discrimination clauses

Government showing questionable support for disabled people in employment and in everyday life, says Scope in response to Budget announcement.

24 March, 2011

Employment Act (Northern-Ireland) 2011

New legislation that makes provision about the procedures for the resolution of employment disputes and the procedures of industrial tribunals and the Fair Employment Tribunal; makes provision in relation to time off for study or training; and for connected purposes.

23 March, 2011

Equality Act’s dual discrimination rules will not now be brought forward

Budget 2011 drops plans for 'costly' protection for those treated less favourably because of a combination of two protected characteristics.

23 March, 2011

Government announces an additional 80,000 work experience places for young people

Budget 2011 (at paragraphs 1.114 - 1.117) also confirms up to 50,000 additional apprenticeship places over the next four years

22 March, 2011

Government confirms end to flexible working regulations for parents with children aged 17

Written Parliamentary Statement made by Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs.

21 March, 2011

Support offered by welfare-to-work providers should be more innovative

New Institute for Public Policy Research report that considers job sustainability and advancement in London and the UK.

21 March, 2011

Disappointing that parental rights are downgraded during difficult economic times

Working Families responds to government plans to scrap flexible working regulations.