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22 December, 2010

Employment Law Update

Issue 94 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

21 December, 2010

National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2010

New amendment regulations issued to provide that money payments paid by an employer in respect of travelling expenses that are allowed as deductions from earnings do not count towards the national minimum wage.

15 December, 2010

Job outlook ‘increasingly bleak’

TUC comment on latest unemployment figures which show sharpest monthly increase since May 2009.

14 December, 2010

Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2010

New statutory instrument that increases, from 1 February,2011, the limits applying to awards of employment tribunals and other amounts payable under employment legislation.

13 December, 2010

CBI calls for retirement age change delay

Companies will face huge uncertainty and greater risk of tribunal claims unless there is more legal clarity over the plans.

9 December, 2010

Employment Law Update

Issue 93 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

6 December, 2010

Extending fully paid maternity leave will benefit millions of families who struggle financially

TUC comments on government plans to oppose extension of fully paid maternity leave to 20 weeks at a meeting of the EU Employment Council in Brussels.

3 December, 2010

HMRC launches Pay As You Earn ‘real time’ information consultation

Proposal for employers to send information about deductions from employees’ pay when the employee is paid, rather than at the end of the year.

2 December, 2010

Employers asked to help tackle gender pay gap by publishing equality data about workforce

Government says it will also enact the Equality Act’s rules on positive action in relation to recruitment and promotion.

30 November, 2010

Ministry of Justice eager to hear views of those who use HMCS and the Tribunals Service

Consultation on proposal to create a unified Courts and Tribunal Service.

23 November, 2010

Employment Law update

Issue 92 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

18 November, 2010

Government scraps legal requirement to reduce inequality

Duty would have required all public bodies to assess whether they were addressing inequalities caused by class factors, encouraging them to improve outcomes in more deprived areas.

17 November, 2010

Trapped in a ‘low-pay, no-pay’ cycle of work

New Joseph Rowntree Foundation research shows unemployed people have a strong work ethic, actively look for work, and are prepared to take poor quality jobs.

16 November, 2010

Employment Retention Bill 2010-11

Proposed legislation to make provision for a statutory right to an employment retention assessment to determine entitlement to a period of rehabilitation leave for newly disabled people and people whose existing impairments change; and for connected purposes.

15 November, 2010

Government launches consultation on reform of legal aid system in England & Wales

Proposals including taking employment and certain debt and housing matters 'out of scope'.

12 November, 2010

Employment Law update

Issue 91 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

2 November, 2010

Equality Act 2010 (Amendment) Order 2010

New statutory rule to ensure that employers are not open to claims for pregnancy and maternity discrimination in circumstances where they have properly complied with their statutory or contractual obligations governing maternity related pay.

1 November, 2010

Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland)

New regulations in Northern Ireland that ban the taking of upfront fees for work finding services for jobs within the entertainment and modelling sector.

29 October, 2010

Government ‘disappointed’ with outcome of vote in European Parliament on increasing maternity pay

Proposals would be socially regressive since high earners would gain greatest benefits, says Business Minister.