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1 February, 2011

Government guilty of misinterpreting employment tribunals figures to strengthen case for change

Legal Action Group responds to announcement of consultation on changes in employment law to reduce the number of cases being brought.

28 January, 2011

Discrimination ruling against voluntary workers ‘unfair’

Equality and Human Rights Commission response to Court of Appeal decision in X v Mid Sussex Citizens Advice Bureau & Ors.

27 January, 2011

Carers and Employment Bill 2010-11

New Bill presented to parliament which provides for carers rights to flexible working.

27 January, 2011

Government launches consultation on employment law reform and ‘Employer’s Charter’

Proposals include increase in qualifying period for unfair dismissal claim from one to two years.

24 January, 2011

New work experience scheme for young unemployed

DWP announces eight week work placements for 18-21 year olds on jobseeker's allowance.

19 January, 2011

Institute for Public Policy Research warns of possible ‘double dip’ in employment

UK economy needs to grow at an annual rate of more than 2 per cent if unemployment is to fall, and there is a real risk that growth will not be fast enough during 2011.

19 January, 2011

Trends in the employment of disabled people in the UK

New working paper published by the Institute for Social & Economic Research.

19 January, 2011

Employment Law Update

Issue 95 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.

18 January, 2011

Equality Act 2010 (Commencement No. 5) Order 2011

New regulations that bring into force specified provisions of the Equality Act 2010, including enabling powers relating to the public sector equality duty and a provision concerning positive action in relation to recruitment and promotion.

17 January, 2011

Ministers to launch consultation on a new ‘properly flexible system’ of shared parental leave

Deputy Prime Minister outlines plans to reform childcare in a speech at Demos thinktank.

17 January, 2011

Official statistics show 8 per cent fall in claims to Employment Tribunals

New Tribunals Service figures for the second quarter of 2010/2011.

14 January, 2011

Pensions Bill 2011

Introduces measures including from 2012 employers will be required to automatically enrol eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme.

14 January, 2011

Removal of the Default Retirement Age is a strong legislative move towards ending age discrimination

Chartered Management Institute welcomes the phasing out of the DRA.

13 January, 2011

Government issues guidance on how to deal with the Equality Act’s positive action provisions

Written statement made by Minister for Equalities in parliament.

13 January, 2011

Policy on HMRC enforcement, prosecutions and naming employers who flout national minimum wage law

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills publication sets out how the scheme will operate, and the criteria for naming employers.

13 January, 2011

Government confirms that it will remove the Default Retirement Age

Ministers have decided to proceed with their plan to phase out the DRA between 6 April and 1 October 2011.

11 January, 2011

Interns working for three months or more should be paid £2.50-an-hour training wage

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development also recommends that the government extend the right to request flexible working to all employees.

23 December, 2010

Impact on former offenders of exclusion from bank accounts, insurance and affordable credit

New report from the Prison Reform Trust and UNLOCK, the National Association of Reformed Offenders.

22 December, 2010

Employment Law Update

Issue 94 of Garden Court Chambers' Employment Law Bulletin is now available.