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Community care

6 May, 2021

Gulf between the social care support that people need and what they receive continues following a ‘decade of neglect’

New Kings Fund analysis of adult social care trends shows key indicators, including unmet needs and use of self-directed support, are heading 'in the wrong direction'

28 April, 2021

High Court considers proper approach to determining ‘ordinary residence’ disputes over responsibility for Mental Health Act 1983 after-care following repeat hospital detentions

Worcestershire County Council, R (On the Application Of) v Secretary of State for Health and Social Care [2021] EWHC 682 (Admin)

23 April, 2021 Open access

Ombudsman criticises Medway Council for leaving vulnerable teenager to live in tent during Covid-19 crisis

Council pays £1,500 each to the teenager and his mother to reflect the distress and hardship they were caused, with further £200 for mother to reflect the fact that she was not listened to

14 April, 2021 Open access

Government launches consultation on making Covid vaccination a condition of work for some care home staff

Evidence sought on how the change for care homes with older adult residents in England could be implemented and whether respondents think it would be beneficial

26 March, 2021

NHS Digital data review highlights fall in number and proportion of older people receiving state-supported long-term care in the community over last five years

In addition, early indications of position in 2020/2021 are that further decreases are apparent, and are particularly evident towards the end of the first national lockdown in June 2020

25 March, 2021

Lack of long-term vision for adult social care in England coupled with ‘ineffective oversight’ of system means people may not get the care that best supports them

National Audit Office calls for the increased focus on adult social care in response to Covid-19 to continue to ensure it becomes 'high quality and sustainable for the future

24 March, 2021

Welsh Government launches new Strategy for Unpaid Carers

Strategy represents 'renewed commitment' to improving recognition of and support to unpaid carers in Wales, says Minister

23 March, 2021 Open access

Government to legislate to expire provisions in the Coronavirus Act 2020 that allow local authorities to operate ‘care act easements’

One-year review highlights that only eight local authorities in England have used the powers, with none having used them since 29 June 2020

17 March, 2021

Council agrees to refund care costs for some people in short-term residential care following Ombudsman investigation

Ombudsman finds that Lincolnshire County Council had been charging fixed fee for respite care without assessing whether people could afford it, contrary to statutory guidance

16 March, 2021 Open access

12 March, 2021

12 March, 2021

Welsh Government announces measures to remove means test on small and medium Disabled Facilities Grants from April 2021

Housing Minister also confirms extra funding of £400,000 million to help local authorities meet costs associated with removal of means test

11 March, 2021

11 March, 2021

8 March, 2021

Charging and providing direct payments for social care in Wales 2021/2022

New regulations update amounts to be used by local authorities in calculating charges and direct payments

5 March, 2021 Open access

Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee launches inquiry into long-term funding of adult social care following Covid-19 pandemic

Finding long-term solution to financial pressures on adult social care system is 'one of the toughest questions we will have to face in the coming years', says Committee Chair

4 March, 2021

4 March, 2021

Ombudsman finds Nottinghamshire Council breached man’s human rights after leaving him in a care home away from his home and family for five months

Two-week funded respite break turned into a five-month separation and a £15,000 care fees debt due to the council's delay in assessing the resident's and his carer's needs

2 March, 2021

Ombudsman orders Cornwall Council to pay almost £7,000 to care home resident for errors in how it assessed his capital

Policy for assessing reductions in capital set a false burden of proof for showing resident's spending was allowed under care charging regulations