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Community care

29 November, 2021

Welsh local authorities must take a proactive ‘rights-based’ approach to carers of disabled children, including informing them of their entitlement to an assessment of their support needs

Care Inspectorate Wales finds that around two-thirds of parents and carers of disabled children were not offered an assessment

23 November, 2021

MPs vote in favour of amendment to social care cap which moves away from recommendations of independent Dilnot Commission and ‘disproportionately benefits those with greater assets’

However, Health Minister says amendment is the right way forward and 'will make it simpler to understand the amount that will go towards the cap and make it fairer'

18 November, 2021

Government’s plans for capping adult social care costs will make the scheme a lot less helpful to older people with modest assets than anyone had expected

Responding to written statement from the Care Minister, Age UK says that announcement waters down Sir Andrew Dilnot's original proposal to save the government some money, but at the cost of protecting the finances of older home owners who are less affluent and need care for a long time

17 November, 2021

Council took ‘too rigid an approach’ in refusing to consider travel and holiday accommodation costs for a disabled person’s carer as a disability-related expense

Asking the council to reconsider its assessment and re-examine its approach, Ombudsman highlights evidence that its decision was consistently tied to the fact that holidays are not mentioned as an eligible outcome in the Care Act

29 October, 2021

Ombudsman issues Adverse Findings Notice after private care provider refuses to apologise for failing to properly care for a man in his own home

When choosing a provider, people encouraged to think strongly not just about the care itself, but also about how a provider deals with complaints should they arise

29 October, 2021

Ombudsman criticises council for failing to take into account professional advice when assessing woman’s care needs

Case where woman became malnourished and was hospitalised twice 'is a prime example of the council simply not listening to people involved in the case', says Ombudsman

27 October, 2021

Government confirms £3.6 billion social care funding for local government to implement the cap on personal care costs and changes to the means test

Spending Review 2021 says that funding will support councils to 'better sustain their local care market by moving towards a fairer cost for care'

25 October, 2021

Basic foundations of social care are looking ‘so rocky’ that urgent government action is required to keep the system viable

Responding to new report from the Care Quality Commission, Age UK says that its findings 'shout out the clearest possible warning'

21 October, 2021

Ombudsman criticises council for its failure to explain impact of decision to change treatment of a property in its care charging assessment

As a result, care home resident’s family was left with a bill for £33,000 in care charges and a further £380 towards the cost of progressing a delayed payment agreement

15 October, 2021

Of almost 400,000 occupied care home beds in England in 2019/2020, more than a third were occupied by self-funders

New figures from the Office for National Statistics highlight that while less than 5 per cent of younger adults are self-funding, the proportion rises to more than half of those in homes providing care for older people

29 September, 2021

Ombudsman reports ‘relentless rise’ in proportion of social care complaints upheld over last decade

While Covid-19 has caused added pressures, Ombudsman adds that early findings suggest that these only served to exacerbate existing concerns, rather than create new ones

22 September, 2021

Parliamentary committee launches inquiry to investigate whether the human rights of residents and their families are respected in care homes in England

New inquiry will explore how human rights are being undermined, including the right to family life and the right not to be subject to inhuman and degrading treatment

9 September, 2021

Kent care provider has ‘dubious distinction’ of being first independent care provider to be issued with two Adverse Findings Notices by Ombudsman

Care home's failure to respond to recommendations from two investigations is 'disappointing to say the least', says Ombudsman

8 September, 2021

Number of people waiting for adult social care assessments, services or reviews in England increased by a quarter to around 300,000 in the three months to August 2021

New survey of Social Services Directors also shows a sharp rise in number of people waiting more than six months for a care assessment

7 September, 2021

Government sets out plan for health and social care reform, including a cap on social care costs and new capital limits for financial assistance

Costs of the plan will be met by a UK-wide 1.25 per cent 'health and social care levy' paid by working adults, including those working above state pension age

19 August, 2021

Council agrees to refund top-up fees after Ombudsman investigation finds its approach to care home placements breached Care Act duties

Cases dating back to 2017 will be reviewed if further complaints received that top-up fees were charged without a genuine offer of affordable alternative placements

9 August, 2021

Consultation launched on a National Care Service designed to ‘transform Scotland’s social care’

Proposals represent 'biggest public sector reform since the creation of the NHS', says Minister

6 August, 2021

Ombudsman criticises council for funding errors which led to centenarian nursing home resident being forced to move

Case is a stark reminder of what can go wrong when people move from self-funded to council-funded care, says Ombudsman

28 July, 2021

Systemic issues are indicative of a general erosion of the visibility, capacity and status of councils’ complaint functions, says Ombudsman

2020/2021 annual review highlights ‘widening cracks’ in local authority systems for handling complaints