Welfare rights

14 April, 1998

Exceptional Leave and Child Benefit

by Jonathan Parr Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum

9 April, 1998

Up coming legal challenges

A round up

9 April, 1998

Transitional Protection for asylum seekers

Regulation 12 of the Social Security Amendment regs introduced on the 5th of February 1996

9 April, 1998

The Future of DLA and AA

New report by the DLA Advisory Board

9 April, 1998

Temporary Admission - New Guidance

HB & CTB Circular A5/98

9 April, 1998

Social Fund - Community Care Grants

Amendments to SF directions which could affect refugees.

9 April, 1998

Proof of Identity and National Insurance Numbers

Evidence requirements

9 April, 1998

New rules for Urgent Cases

Some good news at last!

9 April, 1998

Green Paper summary from Action for Blind People

What's in the Green Paper for disabled people

9 April, 1998

DAT Evidence - EMP v GP / claimant

Advisers Briefing from The Centre for Independent Living in Glasgow

9 April, 1998

Bulletin on Social Services provision from RASU at Refugee Council

Local authority assistance latest

9 April, 1998

Benefit Integrity Project

Survival Guide

7 April, 1998

European nationals

[1997] UKHL 50

18 March, 1998

Welfare to work

To be extended

18 March, 1998

The New Deal

Welfare to Work Scheme

18 March, 1998

Social Security Bill

Progress delayed

18 March, 1998


Do you know your national insurance number?

18 March, 1998

Incapacity Benefit

Extending the 'linking rule'

18 March, 1998

Housing benefit changes

A fit and proper person?