Links to key websites that hold welfare benefit and tax credit related legislation, official guidance, caselaw, and other reference materials.


DWP's Code of Appeals Procedure | HMRC Appeals, Reviews and Tribunals Guidance Manual | Tribunals Service Appeal and Enquiry Forms

Benefit rates

Benefit & tax credit rates


Benefit and statutory payment calculators

Case law (Upper Tribunal)

Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal | Northern Ireland Digest of Case-law | Commissioners decisions on rightsnet | rightsnet briefcase | Neligan's digest

Case law (Higher Courts)

HM Courts & Tribunals Service | Scottish Courts | Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service | Supreme Court judgments | House of Lords judgments | British & Irish Legal Information Institute | European Court of Justice | European Court of Human Rights | EUR-lex

Case managment software

Case management software

Claim forms

'How to claim' resources

Council Tax Support

Localised council tax support schemes

DWP administrative guidance

Advice for Decision Making | Decision Makers Guide | Decision Makers Guide (Northern Ireland) | Fraud Guide | Suspension and Termination Guide | DWP Sanction Policy in respect of fraudulent social security benefit claim | Jobseeker's Allowance for 16-17 Year-Olds: Making a Severe Hardship Decision | Secure National Insurance Number Application Process (SNAP) Guide | Agents, Appointees, Attorneys and Deputies Guide | Working with representatives | Financial Redress for Injustice Resulting from Maladministration | Third Party Payments Creditor Handbook

Housing benefit

Housing Benefit Guidance Manual | Housing Benefit Decision Makers Guide (Northern Ireland) | Local Housing Allowance | Local Housing Allowance Guidance Manual | Local Housing Allowance Guide (Northern Ireland) | HB Circulars | HB Bulletins | Claims processing | DWP HB/CTB Overpayments Guide | Security and tackling fraud and error | Value for money checklist | Discretionary Housing Payments Guidance Manual

HMRC guidance

Child Benefit Technical Manual | Tax Credits Technical Manual | Tax Credits Manual | Tax Credits Claimant Compliance Manual | Appeals, Reviews and Tribunals Guidance Manual | Code of Practice on recovery of tax credit overpayments

Incapacity & Disability

A-Z of medical conditions (DWP) | Children's A-Z of medical conditions (DWP) | Common abbreviations | Common medical testsFrequently asked questions | Health and work - information for healthcare professionals | PIP assessment guide for assessment providers | Sources of evidence | WCA Handbook for healthcare professionals | British National Formulary | Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body | Contact a Family's A-Z of conditions | NHS: Health A-Z - Conditions and treatments

Leaflets, factsheets and publications

Leaflets, factsheets and publications

Legislation | The Law Relating to Social Security (the ‘Blue volumes’) | The Law Relating to Social Security – Northern IrelandThe Law Relating to Child Support (the ‘Orange volumes’) | Consolidated tax credit legislation | EUR-lex



Local welfare assistance

CPAG's local welfare assistance finder

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