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30 October

79 per cent increase in number of families given financial assistance to leave London

New study carried out by Local Government Chronicle also finds that the number of areas to which people moved also increased with London residents helped to move as far afield as Newcastle, Cornwall and Scotland.

30 October, 2014

Private landlords are free to refuse to let to housing benefit claimants

New Commons Library Standard Note considers evidence on why landlords might refuse to let to housing benefit claimants and the extent of the problem.

30 October, 2014

84 per cent of home purchases under Help to Buy:Equity Loan scheme made by first time buyers

New statistics from the Department for Communities and Local Government also show that the mean purchase price of a property bought under the scheme was £210,429, compared with a mean equity loan of £41,897.

30 October, 2014

29 October

‘Sky-high housing costs leave five million stuck in rent-trap’, says Shelter

New research by housing charity shows that two thirds of private renters in England - the equivalent of five million people - are unable to save towards buying a home.

29 October, 2014

National Housing Federation calls on government to reform Right to Buy

Guardian reports on letter to Housing Minister urging him to ensure that every home sold is replaced on a like-for-like basis.

29 October, 2014

28 October

Mensah v Salford City Council

In new judgment, High Court considers lawfulness of policy of providing assistance under Children Act for destitute families who are unable to claim benefits due to immigration status at the level the Secretary of State would provide to a failed asylum seeker and family.

28 October, 2014

27 October

Morris v Blackpool Borough Council & Anor

In new judgment, Court of Appeal considers whether local authority, as freeholder, was entitled to charge certain management/administration charges as part of the service charge recoverable under long leases.

27 October, 2014

24 October

Housing and Work Manifesto calls to release potential of social housing in employment support

Manifesto, launched by ERSA and GUAC, calls for action to make it easier for social housing providers to take on publicly funded employment contracts, an increase in the co-ordination and integration of services to support social housing tenants, and support to increase the capacity of social housing providers to provide good quality employment related support to their residents.

24 October, 2014

9 out of 10 homes not accessible for older people

New report from IPPR North shows that the English housing market is ill-equipped to cope with an aging population and argues that older people are being let down by inadequate choice, with a growing mismatch between older people and appropriate housing stock.

24 October, 2014

23 October

House of Commons Library Note on homeless households in temporary accommodation (England)

Note provides background to the increase in numbers in temporary accommodation and outlines various initiatives to reduce those numbers.

23 October, 2014

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