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30 October

One in five employees in Britain earns less than a living wage

Fourth report on low pay in Britain from the Resolution Foundation finds that those most at risk of low pay include female workers, the young, those in lower skilled occupations, part-time and temporary workers and those employed in hospitality, retail and care.

30 October, 2014

93 per cent of councils in England and Wales don’t require that homecare providers pay travel time

Of the 98 per cent of councils that responded to a Freedom of Information request by Unison, 79 per cent admitted that they have never asked to see pay records or other written evidence about the pay of care workers employed by care providers they commission, in order to check National Minimum Wage compliance.

30 October, 2014

27 October

Employment case law round up

Latest EAT decisions added to the Tribunals Service website.

27 October, 2014

Findings from the Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications 2013

New Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ad-hoc analysis provides information on the characteristics of claimants who would have been required to pay a fee at the time of their claim, if the current fee regime had been in force.

27 October, 2014

24 October

Housing and Work Manifesto calls to release potential of social housing in employment support

Manifesto, launched by ERSA and GUAC, calls for action to make it easier for social housing providers to take on publicly funded employment contracts, an increase in the co-ordination and integration of services to support social housing tenants, and support to increase the capacity of social housing providers to provide good quality employment related support to their residents.

24 October, 2014

20 October

Employment case law round up

Latest EAT decisions added to the Tribunals Service website.

20 October, 2014

17 October

Davies v London Borough of Haringey

New High Court judgment that considers - in the case of a teacher who had been released full time from her teaching duties for the purposes of carrying out trade union activities - which of her school or the local authority had the right to subject her to disciplinary action.

17 October, 2014

Boylin v The Christie NHS Foundation

New High Court judgment that considers claim under section 1(1)(a) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 in relation to the appellant having suffered workplace stress as a result of bullying and harassment, causing severe and lasting psychiatric injury.

17 October, 2014

16 October

Average wages have fallen by £50 a week in real terms since 2008

New analysis from TUC shows that average weekly earnings have fallen for the seventh year running - the longest period since records began in the 1850s.

16 October, 2014

15 October

Government publishes independent review of the law governing industrial disputes by Bruce Carr QC

However, in foreword to report, Mr Carr regrets that he has been unable to fully deliver against the Terms of Reference set by government and to make proposals or recommendations for change 'due to the increasingly political environment within which I was operating coupled with the lack of a significant enough body of evidence to support any recommendations for change'.

15 October, 2014

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