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12 August

Trussell Trust to launch financial advice service

Guardian reports on pilot scheme of new service introduced after survey revealed that many food bank clients had payday loans.

12 August, 2014

6 August

Insolvency Service issues call for evidence to review effectiveness of debt relief orders

Consultation will also consider increasing the bankruptcy debt threshold which has been set at £750 for almost 30 years.

06 August, 2014

28 July

Red tape holding back credit unions should be torn up so that they can be reborn as ethical banks

Centre for Social Justice sets out major package of personal debt reforms designed to 'bring fairer banking to Britain’s poorest communities and challenge the monopoly of mainstream banks and payday lenders'.

28 July, 2014

24 July

Debt problems could double as interest rates rise, says Resolution Foundation

New report estimates that, by 2018, number of households spending more than one-third of their after-tax income on mortgage repayments increases from 1.1m to 2.3m, whilst number spending more than one-half of their after-tax income on all forms of debt repayments increases from 0.6m to 1.1m.

24 July, 2014

23 July

Uptake of the Debt Arrangement Scheme in Scotland has increased compared with same quarter last year

However, personal insolvencies have decreased over the same period, according to official statistics from Accountant in Bankruptcy.

23 July, 2014

Citizens Advice Scotland report on zero hours contracts

New report focuses on the effects of workers being guaranteed no set amount of work any given week, with CAB clients being forced to borrow from payday lenders and resort to food banks because of significant variances in pay.

23 July, 2014

Government proposes fuel poverty target

New proposals include legal obligation for government to raise as many fuel poor homes as reasonably practicable to a Band C energy efficiency rating by 2030.

23 July, 2014

18 July

First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal (Chambers) (Amendment) Order 2014

New regulations that allow for First-tier Tribunals to hear appeals relating to mobile homes and licensing of caravan sites, and for the Tax and Chancery Chamber of the Upper Tribunal to determine references from or appeals against decisions of the regulatory authorities that replaced the Financial Services Authority.

18 July, 2014

16 July

Almost a million older people cutting back on food, says Age UK

New research from Age UK shows that 960,000 people aged 65 or over have had to spend less on food in the last 2 years.

16 July, 2014

Financial Conduct Authority consults on price cap on high-cost short-term credit

Views sought on introduction, from January 2015, of cap to ensure that someone will never need to pay back more than twice what they have borrowed, and someone taking out a typical loan over 30 days and repaying on time will not pay more than £24 per £100 borrowed.

16 July, 2014

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