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15 September

75 per cent of parents would like payday loan companies to be banned from advertising to children

Finding of Children's Society survey as new report calls for restrictions on loan advertising to join those already in place to protect children from adverts for gambling, alcohol, tobacco and junk food.

15 September, 2014

5 September

Consumer Credit amending regulations

In force from 26 September 2014, new regulations that amend the Consumer Credit (Information Requirements and Duration of Licences and Charges) Regulations 2007 and prescribe information and forms of wording which must be included in certain statements and notices which creditors and owners are required to give to debtors and hirers under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

05 September, 2014

4 September

ABCUL publishes response to Treasury consultation on future of credit union movement

Response sets out 'Blueprint for Development' based on enabling legislation and proportionate regulation; sound governance and strong management; sustainable business models, products and services; and appropriate investment.

04 September, 2014

27 August

The Real Deal: No credit and broke

New report from Citizens Advice Scotland which finds that consumers can experience significant detriment and hardship caused by the (often unintentional) use of a credit broker.

27 August, 2014

Bank of Scotland plc v Rea, McGeady, Laverty

New judgment from the High Court in Northern Ireland (which may have application outside Northern Ireland) which considers whether a mortgage lender may both (a) consolidate arrears of monthly instalments with the mortgage balance upon which the instalments are calculated with the effect of increasing the contractual monthly instalments to spread those arrears over the residue of the mortgage term and also (b) rely on the arrears so consolidated as outstanding arrears for the purpose of possession proceedings.

27 August, 2014

22 August

Bankruptcy Fees (Scotland) Regulations 2014

New regulations prescribe the fees and outlays payable to the Accountant in Bankruptcy in respect of the exercise of that office’s functions under the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985, and also prescribe when and in what manner certain fees and outlays are due for payment.

22 August, 2014

Bankruptcy (Applications and Decisions) (Scotland) Regulations 2014

New regulations that set out the procedure for the making of applications to, and decisions by, the Accountant in Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985 as amended by the Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Act 2014.

22 August, 2014

Bankruptcy (Scotland) Regulations 2014

New regulations that re-enact, with modifications, the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Regulations 2008 following amendments to the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985 as amended by the Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Act 2014.

22 August, 2014

19 August

More than 10,000 people complain to ombudsman about credit finding services so far this year

Financial Services Ombudsman warns consumers about websites that take hundreds of pounds on the promise of finding cheap credit, only for the loans never to materialise.

19 August, 2014

15 August

Almost 1.6m UK households are spending more than half their disposable income on housing costs

Fact that working households who are ‘housing pinched’ and in the bottom half of the income distribution have so little left over, in cash terms, to pay for other things, is a real cause for concern, says Resolution Foundation.

15 August, 2014

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