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17 April

Citizens Advice calls for a change in laws around logbook loans

Regulators and government have quite rightly put payday lending in the spotlight but it is important other forms of credit are also subject to a strong crack-down and toxic forms of lending aren’t allowed to flourish, says Citizens Advice Chief Executive.

17 April, 2014

4 April

Bailiffs to be banned from entering homes at night and from using physical force against debtors

From 6 April new laws also prevent bailiffs from entering homes when only children are present, and from taking household essentials such as cookers, fridges, or washing machines.

04 April, 2014

3 April

HMRC powers to recover debt

New regulations issued that align and modernise HMRC's powers to pursue debt in England and Wales by allowing it to use the procedure set out in Schedule 12 to the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 to recover sums payable to the Commissioners for HMRC

03 April, 2014

Insolvency (Commencement of Proceedings) and Insolvency Rules 1986 (Amendment) Rules 2014

New regulations that makes rules to identify in which hearing centres of the new single County Court insolvency proceedings may be commenced, and to amend the Insolvency Rules 1986 to take account of the single County Court.

03 April, 2014

London Insolvency District (County Court at Central London) Order 2014

New regulations which set down which hearing centres of the new single County Court are included in the London Insolvency District for the purposes of insolvency jurisdiction.

03 April, 2014

2 April

Consumer Protection (Amendment) Regulations 2014

New regulations that, amongst other measures, provide for a right of private redress for misleading or aggressive demands for payment (i.e. unfair debt collection).

02 April, 2014

Civil Procedure (Amendment No. 4) Rules 2014

New regulations that provide for amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules including in relation to the implementation of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 on bailiff and enforcement reform.

02 April, 2014

1 April

Financial Conduct Authority takes responsibility for regulating the £200bn consumer credit market

New research from the FSA also highlights that 9m people are in serious debt and 1.8m in denial.

01 April, 2014

31 March

Government agrees to independent review of the Money Advice Service

Service was not in a healthy state and, whilst some worthy attempts have been made to reform it, the jury remains out on whether it should be retained in its current form, says Chair of the Treasury Select Committee.

31 March, 2014

Payday loans have become a debt sentence for many, says Citizens Advice

Payday loan customers who are struggling to repay their loan are not having the interest rate frozen, aren’t warned about the cost of extending the loan and aren’t being told about free debt advice, despite promises from lenders to do so.

31 March, 2014

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