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21 August

Right to Buy sales for first quarter of 2014 up by 33 per cent on same quarter last year

New statistics also show that London Boroughs accounted for 33 per cent of sales, the highest percentage since statistics became available.

21 August, 2014

19 August

More than 10,000 people complain to ombudsman about credit finding services so far this year

Financial Services Ombudsman warns consumers about websites that take hundreds of pounds on the promise of finding cheap credit, only for the loans never to materialise.

19 August, 2014

18 August

Employment case law round up

Latest EAT decisions added to the Tribunals Service website.

18 August, 2014

DEFRA consults on changes to agricultural tenancies

View sought on modernising the repair and maintenance of fixed equipment and end-of-tenancy compensation in England.

18 August, 2014

15 August

Almost 1.6m UK households are spending more than half their disposable income on housing costs

Fact that working households who are ‘housing pinched’ and in the bottom half of the income distribution have so little left over, in cash terms, to pay for other things, is a real cause for concern, says Resolution Foundation.

15 August, 2014

14 August

DCLG publishes ‘live tables on homelessness’

Figures in today's publication include that, in the first quarter of 2014, there were 12,540 local authority homelessness acceptances.

14 August, 2014

‘Working Together Review: Progressive Workplace Policies in Scotland’

New independent report, published by Scottish Government, outlines range of recommendations to improve workplace relations and productivity, including legislation to ensure worker representation on the board of every public sector body.

14 August, 2014

Elderly residents not consulted properly when company that owned their homes was sold

Local Government Ombudsman recommends that Fylde Borough Council apologise to each resident of a housing complex for failing to ensure that the association who ran the complex consulted them properly on disposing of their homes to a developer.

14 August, 2014

870,000 older people ‘do not receive crucial care help’, says Age UK

New research shows that that nearly a third of people who have difficulty in carrying out some essential activities of daily life do not receive any help formally from care workers or informally from family, friends or neighbours.

14 August, 2014

12 August

DCLG publishes technical paper on residential leaseholds in England

Figures include that, in 2012-13, there were 4.1m dwellings in England owned leasehold, of which 2.4m were in the owner occupied sector and 1.7m privately owned but let in the private rented sector.

12 August, 2014

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