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19 December

Proposal to limit backdated claims for unauthorised deduction of wages

New impact assessment considers effect of government's proposed action to change the law on recovery of previous underpaid wages following the case of Fulton v Bear Scotland Ltd and Others which set out that payment for non-guaranteed overtime should be included in the calculation of holiday pay.

19 December, 2014

Caring for people in the last days and hours of life

New guidance from the Scottish government to support clinical and care staff who are planning and providing care during the last days and hours of life designed to ensure that patients and relatives are given the best support possible.

19 December, 2014

Deduction from Wages (Limitation) Regulations 2014

New regulations that establish a two year limitation on how far back in time workers’ employment tribunal claims for deduction from wages can go.

19 December, 2014

New powers to safeguard vulnerable children and adults in Wales

A legal obligation to report any child or adult believed to be at risk of abuse or neglect will be implemented in Wales in 2016 as part of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.

19 December, 2014

New Carers and Care Act Implementation Grant announced

£55.5m grant introduced to fund increase in carer's assessments and support wider Care Act implementation from April 2015.

19 December, 2014

Customer debts to energy suppliers rises to more than £900m

Annual report from Ofgem also shows that, in 2013, a total of 1.5 million customers were in debt on their electricity payments, and 1.4 million on gas payments – around one in every 17 customers, and a rise on 2012 - and, further, that 550 households had electricity cut off and 84 lost gas.

19 December, 2014

18 December

Childcare Payments Act 2014

Act, which received Royal Assent yesterday, contains provision for HMRC to make payments ('top-up payments') to be used towards the costs of qualifying childcare.

18 December, 2014

Government changes rules so that holiday pay claims cannot go back more than two years

Changes to regulations, made in response to recent Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling, to apply to Employment Tribunal claims made on or after 1 July 2015.

18 December, 2014

Adult social care services in England that fail to improve will face closure

Care Quality Commission is seeking further views on the special measures proposal that services that fail to improve within a year of being rated as Inadequate Overall will face closure as part of plans to tackle failing care.

18 December, 2014

Government announces funding to help councils freeze council tax in 2015/2016

Councils choosing to increase council tax 'should have the courage to put their case to local people', says Local Government Minister, and any council proposing an increase of 2 per cent or more will need to allow local people the opportunity to approve or veto the increase in a referendum.

18 December, 2014

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