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26 August, 2016

DWP estimates that 107,000 adults and 244,000 children will be affected by benefit cap when reduced levels are introduced from November 2016

New impact assessment indicates the average loss per household will be £60 per week

26 August, 2016

‘Steps 2 Success’ mandatory work scheme in Northern Ireland helps 21 per cent of claimants into work

New statistics also reveal that of the 31,773 who have been mandated to the scheme, only 2,854 have achieved employment of 6 months or more

25 August, 2016

Only eight per cent of GPoW interviews result in an extension of jobseeker’s allowance

New DWP statistics also show that the caseload of EEA nationals claiming housing benefit has decreased 75 per cent since restrictions were introduced in April 2014

24 August, 2016

Housing benefit must be made ‘significantly more generous’ or large numbers of people will become homeless, says Fabian Society

New research estimates 1.5 million low-income households will face increasing monthly shortfalls between housing benefit and rent by 2020

22 August, 2016

Housing benefit spending on private rented households doubles to £9.3 billion

New research from the NHF also finds that almost half of private rented households in receipt of housing benefit are in work

19 August, 2016

Tribunal rules and time limits in Scotland

New statutory instruments

18 August, 2016

Benefit changes needed to help tackle homelessness, says Communities and Local Government Select Committee

MPs highlight impact of recent welfare reforms, with two thirds of English councils reporting that changes have increased homelessness locally

17 August, 2016

Bedroom tax is failing to achieve its aim of freeing up larger homes

Three-year study by g15 group of housing associations finds that only a handful of residents affected said that they had moved as a direct result of the policy

17 August, 2016

Number of people claiming universal credit exceeds 300,000 for first time

However, new DWP statistics also highlight that almost 25,000 claimants are 'working - with requirements'

17 August, 2016

Universal credit claimants’ access to discretionary housing payments

DWP issues reminder to local authorities that those with an entitlement to housing costs for rental liability can apply for a payment

17 August, 2016

DWP confirms changes to benefit cap levels to be introduced from 7 November 2016

Letters informing claimants that they may be impacted to be posted out from 19 September 2016

16 August, 2016

Secondary legislation being presented 'without meaningful analysis of impact', says Social Security Advisory Committee

Absence of evidence underpinning some of the government’s policy choices 'a significant concern', says Committee chair

12 August, 2016

LG v Stirling Council

12 August, 2016

Merging disability benefits with local social care services is 'too big a risk to take with such a vulnerable group'

New report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation recommends that disability benefits be adapted to match the costs of disability more closely

11 August, 2016

Nearly half of poverty in the UK is directly associated with disability

New report from the NPI concludes that high rates of material deprivation among disabled people suggests a failing of the social security system in mitigating costs

11 August, 2016

Select Committee expresses concern about continued lack of DWP support to target unemployment amongst Muslim people

DWP should offer tailored support and provide local budgets in areas with high levels of Muslim unemployment, say MPs

09 August, 2016

Scottish Government launches consultation on new Child Poverty Bill

Proposed targets for tackling child poverty will be ‘significantly more ambitious than the original income targets scrapped by the current UK Government’

08 August, 2016

Youth Obligation to be introduced from April 2017 only in areas with the full universal credit service

However, the DWP is still planning to remove the 'automatic entitlement' of 18-21 year-olds from housing benefit from next spring, reports Homeless Link

05 August, 2016

Chair of Work and Pensions Committee welcomes DWP ‘change of heart’ on benefit underpayments

Department 'can and should' introduce a global target for underpayments, says DWP's Permanent Secretary

04 August, 2016

17 per cent of long-term unemployed claimants were sanctioned while undertaking the Supervised Jobsearch Pilot

Evaluation also finds that only 52 per cent of participants reported that the pilot helped equip them for coping with the routine of going to work

04 August, 2016

Claimants could have been better prepared for Intensive Activity Programme, says DWP

Evaluation of programme also finds that some work coaches only checked activities were completed rather than offering feedback and support

01 August, 2016

Knock-on costs of working-age adult poverty adds at least £2.7 billion to benefits budget, says JRF

Report also finds average amount of ESA claimed per head in the most deprived areas is triple that claimed in other areas

29 July, 2016

Scottish Government consults on new social security system

Minister for Social Security says evidence gathered will inform the development and drafting of Scotland’s Social Security Bill

29 July, 2016

Lone parent conditionality more likely to result in other benefit claims than a move into work, says IFS

New research also finds that the 'lone parent obligation' has resulted in a large proportion of claimants moving into unregistered unemployment

28 July, 2016

Social Security Advisory Committee announces appointment of new members

Appointments will bring a wide-range of expertise and skills to the committee, says chair Paul Gray

27 July, 2016

Increases in state pension age may adversely affect some vulnerable groups

New briefing note from the Pensions Policy Institute explores different options for mitigating the impact

26 July, 2016

£33.4 million awarded through the Scottish Welfare Fund in 2015/2016

New statistics from the Scottish government show that over half of those helped are single people

25 July, 2016

Work and Health Programme should adopt a ‘whatever works’ approach to employment support, says IPPR North

New report also proposes tailored, case by case assessment and a broader range of interventions to help claimants into work

25 July, 2016

Difference between housing benefit received and total rent has more than doubled in the social sector in the last six years

DCLG publishes results of social rented sector 'English Housing Survey' for 2014/2015

21 July, 2016

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