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28 April, 2017

Future planned cuts to benefits will significantly reduce incomes of low-income working-age households, especially those with children

New analysis from the IFS says lowest three deciles will lose more than 4 per cent of income on average

28 April, 2017

Citizen’s income is a ‘distraction’ from finding workable solutions to welfare state problems

New report from the Work and Pensions Committee urges incoming government 'not to expend any energy on it'

27 April, 2017

Solving problems in the practical operation of universal credit must be an 'urgent priority' in the new Parliament, say MPs

Work and Pensions Committee writes to Secretary of State following a 'near unanimous set of concerns' raised during its inquiry into the benefit

27 April, 2017

Failures in universal credit administration are causing financial hardship for many Scottish claimants

New study by CPAG in Scotland recommends better training for Jobcentre staff and top-ups to universal credit by the Scottish Government to help support claimants at risk from full service roll out

27 April, 2017

Scottish Social Security Minister rules out use of private companies to carry out benefit assessments

New social security agency will 'put people before profits'

26 April, 2017

Miscellaneous amendments following removal of ESA work-related activity component and universal credit limited capability for work element

New statutory instrument includes amendment that reinstates the higher over-25 rate of ESA for those under 25 who have completed a work capability assessment

26 April, 2017

Further roll-out of the universal credit full service

New statutory instrument provides for the expansion of the service between 3 May and 28 June 2017

26 April, 2017

Government's plans to shut Jobcentre Plus offices across Scotland are the result of 'incoherent planning'

Select Committee says effect on users, staff and the wider community must be fully understood before any closure is initiated

26 April, 2017

New Burdens payments relating to implementing welfare reform changes and the Single Fraud Investigation Service

New DWP guidance sets out the allocation of funding to each local authority in 2017/2018

26 April, 2017

Scottish Parliament calls on UK Government to remove the two child limit and scrap the ‘rape clause’

First Minister says scrapping the policy is the only appropriate way to mitigate its effects in Scotland

26 April, 2017

DWP practice following extension of JSA following a successful GPOW appeal

[2017] UKUT 143 (AAC)

26 April, 2017

Interaction of tax credits and tax-free childcare accounts

New statutory instrument

25 April, 2017

Referrals to food banks have increased by more than 16 per cent in universal credit full service areas

Trussell Trust reports that increase is more than double the national average

25 April, 2017

Scottish Welfare Fund awarded £26.1 million in grants in first nine months of 2016/2017

New statistics show that this represents an additional £1.8 million compared to the same period the previous year

21 April, 2017

Secretary of State sets out timetable for transfer of welfare powers to Scottish Government

Letter to Scottish Affairs Committee and Scottish Social Security Committee confirms legislative competence will transfer by May 2017

20 April, 2017

New rapid reclaim process for PIP claimants temporarily absent abroad for less than 12 months

DWP Minister says process will enable claimants to access benefit within two weeks of making a new claim on their return

20 April, 2017

Changes to support for those who lose entitlement to a Motability car when transferred to PIP

DWP Minister confirms extended access to Motability cars for up to six months for claimants not entitled to enhanced rate mobility component

20 April, 2017

House of Commons rejects Lords’ proposal to make child benefit payable for apprentices

MPs vote by 298 votes to 182 against the change

19 April, 2017

Government announces measures to provide 'additional support' to those in the work-related activity group

Minister confirms that the flexible support fund and the social fund are the 'only real route' for additional funding

12 April, 2017

Disability Rights UK calls on government to reform ‘disgraceful’ PIP mobility rules

Charity responds to report that more than 50,000 disabled people have had their Motability vehicles taken away since PIP was introduced

12 April, 2017

One in seven single parents are ‘hit with benefit sanctions’, says Gingerbread

New research also shows that lone parents are more likely to get their sanction overturned when challenged

12 April, 2017

Four years after it was introduced there are fewer than half a million people claimaing universal credit

New DWP statistics show that, of these, 38 per cent are in employment

11 April, 2017

Universal Jobmatch to stop allowing commercial job boards to upload vacancies in bulk

From 22 May 2017 only employers will be able to use Universal Jobmatch directly

11 April, 2017

Clear plan needed for transfer of social security powers from Westminster to Holyrood, say MPs

Scottish Affairs Committee and Scottish Social Security Committee also call for stronger dispute resolution processes between the two governments

07 April, 2017

DWP publishes equality analysis of cuts to universal credit housing costs for 18 to 21 year olds

Analysis includes finding that it is reasonable to prevent entitlement for disabled people waiting for a work capability assessment

06 April, 2017

Disability Rights UK raises concerns at ‘hidden’ ESA cut for under 25 year olds

Letter to Minister for Disabled People also highlights problems affecting the disabled child addition of universal credit and payment of universal credit to disabled students

06 April, 2017

Scrutiny Committee says Employment Minister's responses to its concerns about the two child limit are 'simply stock phrases'

Committee also concerned that a trend is developing where material that should be in secondary legislation is being left to guidance

06 April, 2017

Two child limit in universal credit and child tax credit comes into effect from today

DWP issues new guidance on the policy, and forms for claiming an exception

06 April, 2017

DWP issues new guidance in relation to the two child limit in housing benefit

Guidance confirms that, where an exception to the rule may apply, the housing benefit decision will follow that made by HMRC on the child tax credit claim

06 April, 2017

Government has reneged on promise of no cuts as a result of bereavement benefit reform, says Chair of Work and Pensions Committee

Reforms will now deliver £100 million of cuts at the expense of widowed parents and their children, says Frank Field

06 April, 2017

Two child limit will not apply to Scottish council tax reduction scheme

Scottish Government says that for benefits it has power to control it will not penalise people for having more than two children

06 April, 2017

Government must learn lessons from ‘catastrophic failure’ of Concentrix contract, say MPs

Public Accounts Committee finds that HMRC and Concentrix provided a ‘totally inadequate’ service which caused unnecessary hardship and distress

05 April, 2017

PIP awards made by the DWP will not be reduced as a result of amendments to regulations even at point claim is reviewed, says Lord Henley

However, Minister says the government is considering whether to adjust 'small number of cases' who may have been awarded a higher level of benefit by a tribunal

05 April, 2017

Majority of English councils have cut council tax support by introducing a minimum payment or a band cap

Remainder have made other changes such as removing the second adult rebate, reports the New Policy Institute

05 April, 2017

DRUK calls on government to urgently issue new guidance relating to PIP enhanced rate mobility for people with mental health conditions

DWP has 'a responsibility to ensure that the amendments are fully understood'

04 April, 2017

Work and Pensions Committee Member expresses concern about the hardship new claimants may face as a result of ESA cuts

I cannot say, hand on heart, that claimants will not be financially disadvantaged, says Heidi Allen

04 April, 2017

Government announces new plans to improve outcomes for children who grow up in workless families and face multiple disadvantages

Work and Pensions Secretary says that, because the root causes of disadvantage are not financial, the government's approach goes beyond the safety net of the welfare system

04 April, 2017

DWP issues correction to guidance relating to couples unable to share a bedroom because of disability

Revised guidance clarifies that there is no requirement for the couple to be unable to share due to a 'physical' disability

04 April, 2017

Social security reforms have had a particularly disproportionate, cumulative impact on the rights of disabled people

Progress towards real equality for disabled people is 'littered with missed opportunities and failures', says EHRC

03 April, 2017

Motion lodged in Scottish Parliament supporting third sector organisations in refusing to cooperate with 'rape clause'

Green Party SMP says two child policy is a 'fundamental violation of human rights'

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