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27 April, 2016

Benefit sanctions and delays among the most common causes for people falling into destitution

New report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation finds that 1.25 million people in the UK are destitute including over 300,000 children

27 April, 2016

Scope of ‘welfare cap’ may create incentive to keep claimants on JSA, says National Audit Office

New report also highlights that interactions between benefits are not dealt with systematically

26 April, 2016

Scottish Welfare Fund awards totalled £24.5 million from April to December 2015

New figures also show around 11,000 community care grants and 24,000 crisis grants were awarded between October and December 2015

26 April, 2016

Computer interface does not break the chain of causation for overpayments

[2016] UKUT 162 (AAC)

25 April, 2016

Universal credit risk indicators published four years after original Freedom of Information requests

DWP documents raise warnings over a lack of resources, high costs and security concerns connected to the early roll-out of universal credit

25 April, 2016

Work and Health Programme must take better account of individual circumstances to avoid repeated failings

New report calls for a more consistent, flexible, individual and integrated approach when designing the new Programme

22 April, 2016

Welfare benefit-related pledges in the 2016 Scottish Parliament election party manifestos

Election round-up: Conservative Party | Green Party | Labour Party | Liberal Democrat Party | Scottish National Party | UKIP

22 April, 2016

Welfare benefit-related pledges in the 2016 Welsh Assembly election party manifestos

Election round-up: Conservative Party | Green Party | Labour Party | Liberal Democrat Party | Plaid Cymru | UKIP

22 April, 2016

Welfare benefit-related pledges in the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election party manifestos

Election round-up: Alliance Party | Democratic Unionist Party | Green Party | Social Democratic and Labour Party | UKIP | Ulster Unionist Party

21 April, 2016

Tribunal judge ‘expresses hope’ that DWP will disclose information about benefit claimant deaths

Information tribunal upholds appeal against decisions by the DWP and the Information Commissioner to refuse request under Freedom of Information Act

20 April, 2016

Carers subject to the benefit cap a ‘priority group’ for receiving discretionary housing payments

However, Minister rejects call to bring forward a planned exemption of carers from the benefit cap

20 April, 2016

Just over 31,000 people started a universal credit claim in the month up to 10 March 2016

New DWP statistics also show that, three years after being introduced, fewer than 300,000 people have started on the benefit

19 April, 2016

Restricting housing benefit and pension credit entitlement to 4 weeks in the event of temporary absence from Great Britain

DWP confirms that introduction of new rules is to be delayed to summer 2016

18 April, 2016

Ombudsman launches Independent Review scheme for Scottish Welfare Fund decisions

From 1 April 2016, new scheme provides for review of local authority decisions on crisis grant and community care grant applications

15 April, 2016

Benefit problems remain biggest cause of foodbank use, says Trussell Trust

New data also shows an emerging correlation between foodbank use and areas with high numbers of people who are in skilled manual work or unable to work due to long term illness or disability

14 April, 2016

British Psychological Society expresses 'extreme concern' at 'training, behaviour and outcome goals' of some disability benefit assessors

Professional body puts forward a series of 'strong recommendations' for ways in which the assessment system should be improved

14 April, 2016

Mandatory reconsideration in Northern Ireland

New statutory rule

14 April, 2016

Somatic symptoms can fall within activity 2 - moving around

[2016] UKUT 146 (AAC)

13 April, 2016

Almost 250,000 claimants waited more than 10 days to have their JSA or ESA claims processed in the last year

Responding to written questions Minister for Employment confirms that just 93,307 short-term benefit advances were made in the same period

12 April, 2016

New Secretary of State for Work and Pensions shares some 'early thoughts' about the kind of welfare system he believes in

From the very top of the organisation to the farthest flung jobcentre, we are in the people business, says Stephen Crabb

12 April, 2016

Evidence of authorised surveillance in an overpayment appeal

[2016] UKUT 73 (AAC)

12 April, 2016

Industrial Injuries Advisory Council recommends simplified evidence requirements for prescribed disease D9 - diffuse pleural thickening

Developments in medical assessment techniques lead IIAC to also conclude that less restrictive prescription is appropriate when assessing lung damage

12 April, 2016

Industrial Injuries Advisory Council recommends that terms for Prescribed Disease B6 should be extended

Council notes that published evidence points to new occupational causes of the lung condition

11 April, 2016

Descriptor 9(c) - social support can be provided by family and friends

[2016] UKUT 147 (AAC)

11 April, 2016


08 April, 2016

Government should consider localising at least part of the council tax support scheme for pensioners

Independent review says that move would give councils more scope to decide how much support to provide for all low-income residents

08 April, 2016

DLA past presence test discriminates against refugees

[2016] UKUT 149 (AAC)

08 April, 2016

Scotland’s new government will have a ‘golden opportunity’ to address child poverty

In new 'programme for government', CPAG says that a £5 increase in child benefit would improve the prospects of thousands of Scotland's children

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