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29 June, 2016

Minister for Communities sets out budget for welfare reform mitigation measures in Northern Ireland

Response to questions in the Northern Ireland Assembly confirms that just over £500 million has been put in place

29 June, 2016

Fresh look needed at potential for devolving working-age benefits in Wales, says Bevan Foundation

New report recommends devolution of housing benefit, the Work and Health programme and jobseeker's allowance for 16 to 24 year-olds

28 June, 2016

Up to an estimated £13 billion of available income-related benefits went unclaimed in 2014/2015

New DWP statistics also reveal that only an estimated 50 per cent of those entitled to claim income-based JSA claimed the benefit in 2014/2015

28 June, 2016

UN Committee calls for review and reversal of benefit cuts introduced by the Welfare Reform Act 2012

Report from the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights also raises concerns over ‘absence of due process and access to justice’ in the use of benefit sanctions

28 June, 2016

Ten per cent of adults in working families were living in poverty in the UK in 2014/2015

New statistics from the DWP also find that the number of children living in poverty has increased to 19 per cent

28 June, 2016

Debbie Abrahams appointed Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary

MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth replaces Owen Smith

27 June, 2016

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary resigns from Shadow Cabinet

Owen Smith latest in a series of Shadow Cabinet and frontbench resignations over the weekend

24 June, 2016

EU referendum outcome means UK settlement agreed at the European Council in February 2016 will not now take effect and ceases to exist

Joint statement issued by leaders of European institutions confirms that there will be no renegotiation on the terms which included proposed benefit restrictions for EU migrants

23 June, 2016

Government to write directly to those who do not meet ten qualifying years of national insurance contributions required for the new state pension

However, responding to report from the Work and Pensions Committee, the government declines to send automatic state pension statements to all people aged 50 and over

23 June, 2016

More than a million people have returned to Jobcentre Plus at the end of their two years on the Work Programme

New DWP statistics also highlight that the most recent participants to complete two years on the Work Programme spent on average around a third of their time off benefits.

22 June, 2016

Government rejects call to extend entitlement to bereavement support payment to unmarried bereaved parents

Response to Work and Pensions Committee also refuses to disregard widowed parent's allowance as unearned income in the calculation of universal credit

15 June, 2016

UK Government faces investigation of its welfare reform programme by UN Committee

Committee to focus on issues including whether disadvantaged groups are adequately supported in managing austerity measures, accessing employment and accessing affordable food

15 June, 2016

Northern Ireland Assembly confirms £2 million funding for ‘welfare advice centres’

Funding will 'support and protect the most vulnerable people through welfare changes', says Communities Minister

15 June, 2016

Just over a quarter of a million people are currently claiming universal credit

New DWP statistics also show that 26,733 people started on the benefit during May 2016

15 June, 2016

Housing benefit subsidy to local authorities

New DWP guidance

10 June, 2016

Scottish Government's plans to improve disability benefit assessments supported by Scottish Parliament

MSPs also vote to support plans to increase carer’s benefits, to increase disability benefits in line with inflation and to ensure disability benefits are not means-tested

10 June, 2016

United Nations expresses 'serious concern' that recent welfare reforms limit entitlement to benefits 'regardless of the needs of the household'

Report from the Committee on the Rights of the Child also notes that the rate of child poverty remains high particularly in households with a disability, high numbers of children, or ethnic minority groups

09 June, 2016

Local Government Association calls on government to exempt supported housing from local housing allowance cap

Councils fear that due to current uncertainty many supported housing schemes are not being built

09 June, 2016

Scottish Government to consider introduction of a 'Young Carers Allowance' using devolved social security powers

Minister for Social Security also confirms that carer's allowance will increase to the same level as jobseeker's allowance once powers are devolved

09 June, 2016

Increasing number of social security appeals decided in favour of claimants, according to new tribunal statistics

New Ministry of Justice figures also show a 40 per cent increase in the number of social security appeals received in the last year

09 June, 2016

Help with NHS costs in Scotland

New statutory instrument

09 June, 2016

11 per cent of ESA mandatory reconsideration decisions were revised and allowed in year to April 2016

New DWP statistics also reveal that the proportion of ESA mandatory reconsideration decisions being allowed has been falling since 2013

07 June, 2016

Modified universal basic income scheme could reduce the level of inequality at a manageable cost

New discussion paper published by Compass examines model that would reduce the volume of benefit means testing by around a fifth

07 June, 2016

Over three-quarters of council tenants in receipt of universal credit are in rent arrears

New research from the National Federation of ALMOs reveals that only half of those households had pre-existing rent arrears

07 June, 2016

Government needs to focus on supporting people in work as opposed to getting them off benefits if it is to reduce disability employment gap

New report from the Resolution Foundation recommends expansion of the Access to Work scheme

07 June, 2016

Universal credit causing 'serious detriment' to vulnerable claimants says Citizens Advice Scotland

New report recommends changes to address multiple 'teething problems' including those relating to delays in payment, the sanctions regime and insufficient face-to-face support

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