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18 August

Centre for Social Justice recommends pilot of 'welfare card' for those who refuse to engage in treatment for addiction

New report also suggests that those who take up offer of treatment be placed in ESA support group, with reduction in benefit or sanctions for those who decline treatment or fail to carry out agreed steps

18 August, 2014

New housing cost verification process to be extended to all live universal credit sites

Change will enable the DWP to inform housing associations at the earliest opportunity that their tenants have made a universal credit claim, reports the National Housing Federation

18 August, 2014

15 August

Liberal Democrats propose pre-benefit sanction ‘yellow card’

People should get 'fair warning' before their money is taken away, says Work and Pensions Minister

15 August, 2014

Disability Rights UK sets out 10 point plan for development of an alternative WCA

Response to fifth independent review of the WCA says that there are some 'very obvious improvements' that could easily be made

15 August, 2014

DWP publishes latest quarterly statistical summary

Figures provide final national statistics on caseloads for all the main DWP administered benefits up to the end of February 2014

15 August, 2014

14 August

Changes to procedures on notifying local authorities of ESA and JSA sanctions following Oakley Review

New DWP guidance advises that sanctioned claimants being signposted to local authority to avoid housing benefit claims being 'cancelled in error', with long term IT solution to be introduced in Autumn 2014

14 August, 2014

Attribution of earnings for housing benefit purposes

New DWP guidance following Upper Tribunal decision that earnings should be attributed over period following receipt rather over period for which they are paid

14 August, 2014

13 August

5.6 per cent of lone parent income support claimants sanctioned in year up to March 2014

New DWP statistics show that 42,900 sanctions applied to 39,600 claimants in that period

13 August, 2014

More than 100,000 claimants in Scotland will lose some or all of disability benefits by 2018, says Scottish Government

New report finds that introduction of PIP will lead to total reduction in spending of £310m a year by 2017/2018

13 August, 2014

More than six-fold increase in number of ESA sanctions applied in March 2014 compared to December 2012

New DWP statistics also show that more than one million sanctions applied to JSA claimants since beginning of new sanctions regime

13 August, 2014

6,570 people on universal credit caseload at end of May 2014

New DWP statistics also show that over six in ten of the caseload are under 25

13 August, 2014

12 August

Families continue to struggle to meet basic needs as cost of a child increases, says CPAG

New report highlights shortfall in income for those working full-time on minimum wage, with even greater shortfall for those claiming out-of-work benefits

12 August, 2014

Changes to tribunal rules

New statutory instrument introduces provisions relating to confidentiality in social security and child support cases

12 August, 2014

11 August

Benefit changes are ‘changing our country for the better’, says Iain Duncan Smith

Work and Pensions Secretary highlights success in delivering 'cultural change' through welfare reform

11 August, 2014

Help with the cost of glasses or contact lenses in Wales

New statutory instrument

11 August, 2014

Government launches online child maintenance facility

New service to allow separated parents to manage maintenance arrangements and keep track of payments

11 August, 2014

8 August

92 per cent of 'undersavers' are on right track to secure an adequate income in retirement, says DWP

New analysis looks at impact of recent reforms - including the new state pension and automatic enrolment - on the level of undersaving for retirement

08 August, 2014

7 August

Basildon and Tendring councils suspend ‘residency test’ in local council tax support schemes

Decisions taken following High Court decision against Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

07 August, 2014

46 per cent of households affected by the benefit cap are in London

New figures from the DWP also show that 59 per cent of capped households constitute a single parent with dependent children

07 August, 2014

Specialist team to audit claimant communications relating to sanctions in response to Oakley review

DWP also reports that it will work more closely with local authorities to coordinate delivery of housing benefit to those that have been sanctioned

07 August, 2014

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