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Passporting benefits



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Joined: 11 October 2010 says UC will still passport to free school meals (and other benefits) does anyone know what the proposed earnings limits will be - as currently apply for health costs? will they be the same?

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There was a written answer on this (re England only) on Friday :-

“We plan to launch a public consultation on eligibility for free school meals under Universal Credit later in 2016, with a view to having the necessary regulations in place for the end of the year, when the roll out of the full Universal Credit Service to a broader claimant base will be well under way.

While this work is on-going, any child whose parent or guardian is receiving Universal Credit will continue to be entitled to free school meals.”

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... so presumably the thresholds not have not been decided and could be different from the health benefits thresholds.



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a year on from the last post on this and still no decision about thresholds for free school meals in UC… from a written answer yesterday -

‘... the Department for Education is working closely with the Department for Work and Pensions, other Government departments and other interested parties to establish new criteria for determining entitlement to benefits-related Free School Meals as the roll-out of universal credit (UC) progresses. No decision has been taken yet, and our proposals on this matter will be announced in due course. As an interim measure, all pupils whose parents are in receipt of UC are currently entitled to free school meals.’